According to the Hindu Times reported on January 21, people prefer cycling more now than ever, which means that the demand for bicycle accessories in the market has increased.

Similarly, if you ride a bicycle, the bicycle helmet is also a very good choice. Generally, the bicycle helmet is made of the highest -level PVC, polystyrene and related materials. These bicycle helmets are valued for their durable and reliable performance, lightweight and excellent design.

Data map: A New York bicycle cycling enthusiast through the New York Times Square (Xinhua News Agency) under the night

So, if you are looking for a bicycle helmet, you may wish to see some options in the Indian market:

Strauss Bicycles Helmet Company

A strong helmet can enhance your cycling experience. This kind of bicycle helmet is made of first -class PVC, PC and EPS foam. It is equipped with an easy -to -use band, so that the helmet can adjust the size to adapt to different head size. This bicycle helmet has an endow, and its breathability and lightness are recognized by users. This product uses a honeycomb -type 18 -type ventilation, which is loved by the riders due to its professional aerodynamic and ventilation design.

Proberusur Bicycle Helmet Company

The brand provides a solid bicycle helmet. The internal materials are made of A-OKE expansion polystyrene and are known for their ultra-lightweight. This bicycle helmet is designed with high -end PC and EPS, which can protect your head from being harmed when being strongly impacted. In addition, the helmet also has a adjustable strap and is equipped with multiple ventilation holes to ensure breathable performance.


Garcelobo uses sports helmet

Carlsberg launched this great green bicycle helmet. It is worth noting that the helmet is divided into different sizes, which can adapt to users of various size heads. In addition, the helmet is also equipped with adjustable bands, so that it can flexibly adapt to the user’s head size. This product is made of first -class PVC, PC and EPS foam, and is known for its cushioning and collision, special air dynamic design and breathability.

Cakato CPH polypropylene bicycle helmet

Don’t miss this senior bicycle helmet from Kotato. The internal design of this black helmet is made of polystyrene material, the helmet is equipped with a mask and 21 ventilation, and the black ELPS and heavy PVC case are used. In addition, this bicycle helmet is also equipped with moisture -proof pads. The size of the product is 22.9 × 17.8 × 27.9 cm, and the weight is about 500 grams.

Lista Outdoor Sports Bicycle Helmet

As a famous brand, Losta launched this delicate white bicycle helmet. The internal material of this helmet uses excellent polystyrene materials to ensure its high strength and durability. At the same time, the helmet has a strong and sturdy shell that can buffer and absorb external impact. The product is equipped with a regulatory band to make it suitable for the head size of the user. (Compiled/Yu Shiquan)

Source: Reference Message Network