When it comes to the necessary maternal and infant supplies, the breast pump is definitely worth having a name.

But now, there are many types of breast pumps. Medical breast pumps, manual, electric, bilateral, single -sided …., the price is from hundreds of pieces to thousands of large, among many breast pumps, how do we choose one What about the appropriate breast pump?

First, judge the frequency and budget of your plan to suck.

If maternity leave is finished, you need to return to the workplace, or sometimes you need to leave home for several hours, then I suggest to choose an electric breast pump, preferably bilateral. Because breast suction speed and efficiency are very important at this time.

If you are just a full -time mothers who need to store milk occasionally, manual breast pumps or unilateral electric breast pumps may be enough.

Let’s talk about the characteristics and differences of various breast pumps in detail, help everyone to further clarify their needs

Manual breast pump,

People need to manually press the handle to generate negative pressure to suck out the milk.


Manual breast pump is small and light, easy to carry, no plug -in, the price is the lowest and mute.


Small inhalation, more tired.

Suitable for full -time mothers who are suitable for milk, or occasionally need to suck.

Electric breast pump,

Electric energy driver, automatic vibration, generate negative pressure to suck out the milk. Electric breast pumps are divided into unilateral breast pumps and bilateral breast pumps. The electric bilateral breast pump is the highest efficiency, and the two breasts suck milk at the same time. Suitable for going to work to carry milk.


Save time and effort, manual is still quite tired;


Electric breast pump generally has a multi -gear frequency adjustment function, which can stimulate lactation reflection that can be stimulated by the most suitable frequency and strength;


The size of the bell mouth of the electric breast pump is available. Moms can choose to fit the bell mouth of the breast size to avoid pain during breastfeeding.


I say a little more about bilateral breast pumps. Theoretically, bilateral breast pumps are the most efficient, because they stimulate the milk array at the same time, and suck together on both sides. But it’s not so simple to operate, because

It is not easy to fix the horn on the breast when sucking.

Some brands have supporting bilateral breast pumps underwear (theoretically) to help.

Some brands do not have breast suction underwear, so two hands need to support it at the same time


The efficiency of breastfeeding is very important, but the eruption of hands is also very important. Otherwise, sitting alone in bed at the night of the night, holding breasts with both hands holding cold breast pumps.

At that time, I also bought bilateral breast pump, but it was very laborious and fixed to wear the underwear to wear it. Finally, it was used as a unilateral side.

If you are struggling with a single bilateral, you need to consider this factor that may not be easy to use.


Oh. I suggest that there is a free -handed underwear in the following brand suggestion.

Medical grade breast pump

In addition to the above -mentioned breast pumps, there is also a breast pump is a medical grade breast pump.

Medical breast pump can simulate the method of sucking baby to the greatest extent to stimulate milk breast lactation, which is more effective than other breast pumps. But the price is more expensive, so it is a medical level. It is most suitable for mothers with less milk and a sensitive breasts in the early stage of delivery. For example, virtue.

For most mothers, ordinary commercial -level breast pumps are enough. If you need to use more professional medical -grade breast pumps, some e -commerce now provides rental services.

Under normal circumstances, pay attention to these points when buying a breast pump

1. Frequency and absorbing power adjustment

Manual breast pumps can generally meet this needs. Moms can adjust the strength and frequency of pressing the handle according to their own feelings.

In the case of electric breast pump, many emphasize dual modes, that is, stimulating mode and breast pumping mode. The stimulus mode is light and fast, the purpose is to stimulate the milk array. The breastfeeding mode is strong and slow, prompting the milk to be fully moved out.

According to my experience, I recommend choosing more

Frequency and intensity can be adjusted independently.


Because not only the frequency and strength of each baby in real life are different, but also the inhalation strength of each mother’s breasts can also be very different. The independent strength adjustment and energy regulation meet this flexibility well. My breasts are more sensitive, so many others feel a little painful for me.

In short, back to the premise of breast suction efficiency, the frequency dual -gear switching and independent absorption strength adjustment can achieve the efficient and comfortable purpose of breastfeeding.

2. Silent

The mute problem of breast pump is a common problem. The baby may be a little noisy when sleeping, and it may be a bit embarrassing in the company.

However, most of the mute effects in the market in the market are not ideal. I have used a few hundred yuan to have a certain noise.

Therefore, unless the budget is abundant, you can consider it, and there will be no big difference.

3. The choice of a pawn -suction horn is very important

The size of the murmur horn must be appropriate, too large or too small, it may cause nipple pain or damage to the breast, and also affect the migration of milk.

Generally speaking, a suitable horn cover size = the widest part of the nipple+4mm

Generally, the cover of the breast pump is enough, and it can be purchased separately if it is not within the scope of the supporting facilities.

This is very important. Everyone must use the appropriate horn.

4. Anti -countercurrent design

The anti -countercurrent design of the breast pump is also very important. Without this design, the milk may be used to enter the host in the process of milk, causing the host to damage. Moreover, adverse milk may pollute milk for a long time in breast pumps and ducts, which is not good for the baby’s health.

Therefore, it is best to choose a breast pump with anti -countercurrent design.

After speaking, the main points of buying, sharing some precautions when you use it:

Before breast suction, you need to ensure the cleaning equipment, and your hands need to be fully cleaned;

Do not use a breast pump for more than 15-20 minutes to control it in a reasonable range;


Massage the breasts before and when sucking milk to collect more milk;

In the process of breast suction, the horn cover is located in the center of the nipple and areola;

Choose inhalation according to your own degree of comfort, not the efficiency is not high;


Medela (DELE) brand originated from Switzerland. It is a professional service that specializes in providing milk suction device, breast milk collection, breastfeeding and other professional services. For more than 60 years of history, it is the first choice for many mothers. The products of the virtue series, from breastfeeding underwear, breastfeeding pillow, to breast care, breast milk storage, cleaning and disinfection.

There are three series in the virtue breast suction device: the rhyme series, the enjoyment series and the silk rhyme series. Among them, the rhyme series is the highest -end, and the rhyme is the second. The ordinary model is silk rhyme.

The following table is the main difference between the three series. The high -end series has a better mute effect, and the number of files is thinner.


If you need to experience better, you can choose a high -end series. The ordinary choice of silk rhyme is actually enough, because there is no substantial difference between core devices such as motors.


Ball mother’s description:

The bilateral breast pump of Delle is equipped with a supporting support for underwear.

Little bear

The white bear is a domestic brand. It was founded in 1999 and mainly develops and produces various maternal and infant appliances and supplies. There are no other old brands in time, but the mothers are very good, and the cost performance is very high. I bought two breast pumps during breastfeeding, one of which is the little white bear, and the experience is also very good.

There are also a lot of white bear’s breast pumps. You can choose according to the difference in the table below:

The bilateral breast pump of the little white bear does not help the underwear. If you buy the bilateral of the little white bear, it means that you need to support the breast pump with both hands at the same time. You need to pay attention to this when buying.


SPECTRA is a brand from South Korea. It was established in 1999. Its breastfeeding supplies were developed and manufactured by South Korea’s UzinMedicare. It has obtained international certifications and 2 patents such as KGMP, ISO9001, ISO13485, CE, and FDA.

The series of their domestic products in China are very simple, that is, S1 and S2, each with one -sided and bilateral models. It is not effortless to choose.

Spectra Baby USA S1, S2, which is known as the “medical level” breast pump, is also good in the mother’s group, and some mothers say that the effect is better than that of Mido. It is not painful and clean.

The Spectra S1 and S2 basic functions, S1 can be charged, or plug -in directly. S2 can only be used directly in plugging. If you need more out of demand, you are recommended to choose S1. For example, mother to work is not convenient to plug in.


S1 is blue, massage and breast pumping, and gear can be adjusted. There is also a small night lamp, which is convenient for mothers to suck milk at night.

Can be charged and plugged in. After charging, it can be used for about 3 hours, which is convenient for carrying.


S2 is a pink model and can only be used plug -in. Other functions are the same as S1.

Reminder of Ball Mom:


SPECTRA’s breast pumps are both bilateral and equipped with free -handed lingerie.

Aven Xin Anyi

Avent, born in the United Kingdom in 1984, is one of the most famous maternal and infant care brands in the world, and is currently under Philips.

Xin Anyi’s breast pump is also very famous. Their famous brach suction bras are designed with airbag petals. When used, simulate the rhythm and movements of the baby when sucking breast milk, gently massage the areolas and nipples, make the mother feel comfortable, and effectively stimulate the stimulation Milk secretion.

There are quite a lot of products in Xin’anyi breast pump, but basically it is divided into cost -effective and advanced version. You can choose as needed.


Bilateral electric, cost performance is relatively high.



Electric bilateral, 4 gear massage, 4 gear inhalation mode.


397 is the latest model in 21 years. Milk is more efficient and fast. And from 316’s 4 -speed massage+4 -gear suction milk upgrade to 8 -speed massage +16 gear suction milk, innovative sucking massage pads, realized full package suction milk, actively paste the combined package of different breast types.

Xin Anyi’s bilateral breast pump also provides free -handed underwear, which needs to be purchased separately.


Lansinoh is one of the well -known American breastfeeding brands in the United States. It is famous for the world’s purest wool fat and is committed to the development and sales of breastfeeding products. Their wool cream and milk storage bags are star products in the breast milk industry. As for my personal experience, their milk storage bags are indeed the best of many brands.

They also have breast pumps, and their cost performance is relatively high. There are relatively few styles, which is very simple to pick up.

Lansinoh manual breast pump

Lansinoh bilateral electric

There are two models of electric bilateral, smart models 2.0 can be connected to the Bluetooth APP, and the sound is 27 decibels, which increases the intelligent suction memory mode: I can remember the best breast suction mode and suction size of the mother. The milk absorption mode and size do not have to be manually adjusted every time, saving time and effort.

Langsno’s bilateral breast pumps are also equipped with a supporting -free support underwear. Generally, the flagship store is given a certain amount of amount. It is not necessarily a breast pump, buying a breast pump+milk storage bag is also delivered.

Lansinoh unilateral electric electricity

Small size and easy to carry. Function and bilateral

Good woman

Good women are domestic brands, although the name is a bit TU. However, the mother group is actually not bad, and the price is very high. Moms with limited budgets can look at their products.

The host is very small and easy to carry. The light of domestic goods.

The product line is relatively simple, 3 unilateral breast pumps, 3 bilateral. When you choose, you must first determine whether it is unilateral or bilateral, and then choose different models according to the breast size. The size of the horn cover of similar products is different, and the others are almost the same.

Bilateral breast pump

Two of them are the same appearance host. The lithium battery configuration can be charged after charging, touch display and pause key design

Different points: (34A and 34B are alternately sucks, 38A is at the same time)

The 2238A pink model adopts the 3D breastfeeding real mode, which adds a new suction mode, that is, a total of 3 modes, each with 9 gears, configured with the German PPSU120 ml bottle, which is more secure; it is more secure;

2234B Blue model uses a 3D breastfeeding real mode, which simulates the baby’s sucking, which has a direct stimulation of nipple and areola, increasing milk secretion.

2234A Blue models are reliable and sucking, relaxing and suction, which can reduce waist pressure. The PP food -grade bottle is equipped with a capacity of 120 ml.

: Blue depends on lying on to freely supports underwear, and the other style will not be delivered.

Unilateral breast pump

If there are conditions, you can try to feel the best before buying. If you have physical stores, you can go to a physical store to see or see relatives and friends. You can feel that this is the most intuitive.


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