#What to wear today#




Matching of skirts

Above, many girls are matched according to the style of temperament, because the style of the skirt is the temperament and unique charm of girls, so in order to make the style

More amplified

Many beautiful eyebrows will use solid -colored basic models to set off.

In fact, the skirts are like most clothing, which can absorb the most popular and fashionable and personalized currently


Element and design

Essence Li Caihua’s skirt combines a lot of fashion and avant -garde elements.

Both high -profile and fashionable.

If you want to play the skirt to play

Future sense, sense of technology

The style, then this sharing will make the eyebrows the eyebrows

Full of harvest.

1. How to play the sense of fashion of the skirt

1. The fusion of lace mesh

Li Caihua’s skirt is really simple, the lace of the cover layer is thin and bright, and the colorful sequins shawl is quite high -profile. In the choice of skirts, the fusion of lace and mesh is very

Wonderful match.

And this fusion is not fused like other elements

Too hard,

Instead, it is just right, which will make people look bright, because these two materials


Instead, we must choose the texture in the choice of color

Dark color,

Or the black system with sexy charm to match.

If we choose


Bright color

Then, the requirements for girls are very high, once improper matching, it will become



Generally on the skirt, if a large amount is used

The elements of lace and mesh yarn

, Only in a dress or a banquet, if we choose every day, choose

Lace stitching

The design of the mesh, then the sense of explication will increase, thereby becoming

Very frivolous.

In this case, you usually choose a jacket for stacking, so as to lower the overall

Sense of expansion

Essence After adding stacking design, the overall clothing and matching


It will be improved.

2. The proportion of lace and net yarn

When combining lace and mesh, you must pay attention to the proportion of the overall. Lace and mesh matching part

Can’t match at will

Because these two clothing is a strong match with its own style attributes.

So often we will put



Put it to the upper body and use the luxurious and sexy of the lace to show the temperament of the girl. The mesh part will be placed at the position of the skirt.

Because in most combinations, mesh yarn is generally used as


So the undertaking of the upper body style and design are all

Very in place.

3. How to show the mesh as a skirt

Many times we use the style of the net yarn as a skirt, so the style we want to express is very dreamy and beautiful, because the style of the net yarn can not only show lightness, but also perform


If we use the swollen skirt, then it will


Sexy sexy

The style, if you want to keep it

Sexy charm

We must choose


Light and transparent

The mesh can express the legs of the girl’s legs

Net yarn style.

This combination is similar to skirt

High slit design

, Not only to divide the body proportion, but also sexy and beautiful.


4. Selection of sequins

Li Caihua’s figure is really not a waste. She wears a lace dress is very tall, and she is pretty fashionable with sequins. If our overall skirt is to


For stitching, in fact, there are many overall elements. In addition, the special sense of these two fabrics will easily make several styles fight, and it is easy to wear sexy and beautiful


If there is such a dilemma, then when we choose, we can

Choose to stack

Express the style.

If you want

Fashionable and fashionable

The coat of stacking sequin elements can make the style instantly

Effectively increase,

Let the expression of sequins be even more

Dazzling and brilliant.

Second, skirt matching and sharing

1. Sequenant suspender skirt

In the use of sequins style, girls generally use the sequins elements to be matched, because if we wear it in our lives


Skirts, so the overall style performance is too too

There are exaggerated exaggeration.

But if we are combined as a red carpet style, or in a large party, we can try to match the whole body


If you want to be more


Highlight and avant -garde

Then we have to add some in the color of the sequin

It can be a gradient style, or it can be more vivid

Color style

In the color of the sequins

In terms of ratio,

We can choose to discharge vertical sequins. The advantage of this combination is that it can improve girls visually

Horizontal line

It will be even more

Short and temperament.

2. White lotus leaf skirt

If you want to wear

More elegant

The white lotus leaf skirt will be even more

Literary temperament

However, the lace of lotus leaves is very high for girls’ shoulder types, because lace belongs to

Elements of expansion.

So there is a certain performance of the upper body line


So if girls are slippery or narrow shoulders or

Flat body

You can use the element of lace style to expand to a certain amount.

On the matching of long skirts and short skirts, we must choose

With long skirt,

Because the elegant style must

Hook with long skirts

If the style of the short skirt is so follow

Elegant style collision

Therefore, it must be the cooperation of long skirts.

If the girl’s diversified expression of the skirt is still


Very troublesome

If you, this issue of the expression of the layered sense of the skirt will definite

Inspiration skills.