In my summer, I was particularly afraid of heat, and even if I felt dry at the air conditioner, sweating more at this time. Girls know that after sweating in summer, panties will be more likely to breed bacteria and easily cause health problems. Fortunately, I found a breathable cotton underwear. It was particularly comfortable to wear, without a sense of restraint, and cotton can also inhibit bacteria breeding.

– ❶ –

Design evaluation


This cotton underwear, specially designed with sweet lace edges, adds a little sexy to simple basic styles, is the favorite of lace control. The low -waist design has room for girls with flesh belly, and they are more comfortable and diarrhea. In order to make women wear more comfortable, change the shape of the triangle in the past, and make flat -angle underwear. Only when you pass through can you know how good the texture is.

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Safety assessment

This underwear is made of 95%cotton + 5%spandex. This scientific ratio can not only protect the breathability of cotton materials, but also increase the elasticity. Essence The underwear material is a selected Xinjiang cotton material. It is more safe and assured to wear it. The pure color of the solid color is particularly safe, and the water will not fade.


– ❸ –

Skin -friendly evaluation

The most important thing for choosing underwear is skin -friendly. In the contact with the skin, it must be soft and skin -friendly. This colorful field underwear, 22 years specially made for women to make comfortable underwear, choose materials attentive, carefully make, and also use double -layer cotton in the crotch. The perfect care for women in all aspects. The careful cuts make the underwear well wrapped, and outline the beautiful curve of the waist and hips.

– ❹ –

Overall evaluation

Design score: ★★★★

Safety score: ★★★★★


Skin -friendly score: ★★★★★

Overall score: ★★★★★

Girls, flat -angle cotton panties are comfortable to wear, and the lace’s edges will not be printed in the summer.