Bags are a must -have for girls to go out, and canvas bags are the most common types of bags. No matter how much they are packed, they will not easily deform because they are too heavy, affecting their aesthetics. The canvas bag is casual and age -reducing, which is an inevitable choice for fashion girls.

INS ultra -fire Oxford cloth chest bag Korean trend fashion mini bag casual canvas men and women’s chest messenger bag


Simple contrasting design, fashionable and versatile. The shape is very cartoon and cute, moving the girl’s heart. This one has a multi -color option, and you will like it.

2018 new simple and versatile mesengers canvas small bag mini bag female Korean INS ultrafire bag across students

This is a very simple canvas bag. Decorative printing is the type of anime cartoon. The closing method is a retro copper buckle, and there are zipper models.

Large -screen mobile phone bag female mini cute small messenger bag, shoulder bag beauty picture vertical cross -cross small bag fabric

Very national characteristics, unique. The whole cotton material is soft and comfortable. With a date on the street, the versatile is eye -catching.


INS Korean Shoulder Melody Bag Student Japan Small Fresh Chic Canvas Bag

The decoration of geometric figures is very characteristic. The rope of the bag mouth is safe to go out. Japanese small fresh style, with clothes very versatile.

Ins superfire Korean version of cute canvas shoulder bag Renisen versatile mini small messenger bag Student women’s bag summer


Simple and casual style, you can mention it with your hand. The embroidery on the canvas is full of art. The contrasting bucket design expands the capacity.