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Stepping into the new season (and a complete social calendar, after several months of comfort and staying at home), consumers’ wardrobe urgently needs to be rejuvenated and renewed.

Motf’s, this is a new customized series of Shein, inspired by traditional colors, culture and classic patterns in the Middle East, promising to create a beautiful appearance without affecting comfort.


The Middle East series is a fashion song for the region. From the texture of fabrics to weaving technology and design, it reflects Middle East culture. The main items include the velvet dress suitable for party, the tassel sleeve jacket and cashmere sweater, which uses rich scorched orange, mustard, and camel hue.


Combined with cotton, silk and artificial fur, and the characteristics of traditional Arab geometric shapes and plant graphics, this series consists of a series of relaxed and exquisite items.

Think about the deep blue, dark purple and emerald green -combined with drooping, embroidery, and tie. Add gold or silver jewelry to easily create a chic appearance -at the same time, flirt with the material and palette with vibrant culture that exudes the region.

what else? Earlier this season, Motf released its Cashmere & Wool Collection, which is a simple way to improve home wardrobe.


This series includes sweaters, sweater dress, cardigan and turtleneck sweaters made of soft and breathable 100% Mongolian cashmere — a perfect combination of comfort and fashion at affordable prices.