Rain and rain … Some time ago, Hangzhou’s rainfall is continuous. According to Hangzhou Meteorological Station, since May 11th from May 28, Hangzhou main city has emerged for more than half a month, with a total rainy day for 16 days.

Good news is,

Starting today, Hangzhou will usher in a new week of cloudy weather

. The weather is fine, everyone is going out

Do sunscreen

. Especially now, the little fairy began to wear a skirt, the arm of the outside, the long legs are not easy to tanned, but

Put the umbrella will be much better


“Every life” platform last year

Feather umbrella

, Widely praised, currently

Sold nearly 800 orders

. This original

Exported Japan ultra light sunscreen umbrella

Still maintaining ultra-low prices, being hot.


This feather umbrella is from the Shaoxing umbrella “Lilac” brand, the main thing is

Small, invisible

I will not give you a lot of burden.

This umbrella is only about 79.9 grams,

Light than the weight of the two lipsticks

And the common parachutes in the market are almost about 300 grams.

Such a lightweight umbrella is also very

Suitable for children


The book bag of children is not light, which puts the umbrella in the bag and also reduces the weight as much as possible.

Umbrella surface material is a high-density hit cloth, this is a kind of

High-end jacket fabric

Only 1/5 of the conventional umbrella fabric, the weight is only 1/4.

This fabric is taken to do skin clothes, jackets, these clothes can

Windproof, rainfall, anti-UV

Therefore, when using such a fabric, there is no need for more coating to do sunscreen. The UPF (UV protection factor) index of this umbrella reached


Anti-UV index 98%

Equivalent to one

Sunscreen Index is the highest sunscreen

However, it is not necessary to apply directly to the skin.

The “feather umbrella” is lightweight, and it is necessary to pay attention to the selection of the umbrella, the umbrella. Umbrella

Aviation aluminum alloy

Umbrella bones use the carbon fibers produced by Japanese East, while reducing weight, ensuring strong degree of umbrella. Therefore, the feather umbrella can not only use sunscreen, suddenly rain,


It should be very good


This feather umbrella is now

6 colors can be selected

Not only have a warm and clean new pink, sky blue, and the bright orange, there is a classic atmosphere deep purple. If there is a boys like lightweight umbrella, you can also choose the classic black and deep blue in the feather umbrella.

“Feather umbrella” is exported to Japan, to sell 4,800 yen (about 300 yuan), sales have exceeded 200,000, deeply affected by Japanese women.

In order to trial the water in the domestic market, the manufacturer is willing to sell,

Price with 99 yuan

Let consumers who make the “life” platform buy high quality “feather umbrella”.

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Four: Make

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