Recently, a video of Zunyi, a Guizhou Zunyi, caused heated discussions because of buying underwear. According to@近 近, today, the bride’s father responded that she had prepared a lot for her daughter’s happy family, and refused to pick up relatives because of money. The bride said that the fuse is the man’s attitude, “it shows that I can tell you, I can’t buy it. I can’t wear it.

According to previous reports, according to the bride’s custom, the man needs to buy new clothes from head to toe before marriage, including clothes, shoes, underwear, etc., but because the underwear is small, it is not appropriate to buy it. Apologize.


On the day of the wedding banquet, the man came to the door with a gift, thinking that his father -in -law’s parents might soften in the future, and found that the bride did not even make makeup, so he was also anxious, but the woman’s parents resolutely did not agree to pick up the relatives into the door. It has been deadlocked for more than two hours, and the matter is big, and the police come forward to coordinate.

During the interview, the bride introduced that after finding that the underwear was not suitable, on the same day, he called the prospective mother -in -law and said that the underwear was wrong. When the two were discussing how to buy underwear through the relatives they knew, the prospective groom suddenly called and said, ” Explain that I can’t buy it with you. I can’t wear it.


Because of this contradiction, the wedding failed. Some neighbors introduced that during the welcome family, someone in the man hit the woman’s face. After a while, the police station in the jurisdiction received a report from the police. After the police persuaded, the two sides still did not reconcile. “The woman has never made a statement, and the man has no good persuasion.” The neighbor said that the man did not enter the woman’s house.


After the wedding banquet started to come to the scene, the emcee said that since the wedding banquet could not be held as scheduled, the relatives and friends had a rare opportunity to gather together, so they changed to the New Year.

The prospective groom also came to the stage to speak, thanks to relatives and friends for their wedding, but now you can only “Happy New Year here!”

This matter has attracted attention in social media. Some netizens believe that the man’s attitude is right to not get married. Due to the matter. “


Some netizens believe that the woman’s request has problems. At night, I can’t buy underwear, and the wedding is not held the next day, which is too much.

Some netizens believe that both parties have a mistake. Since this kind of trivial matter has conflicts on the table, it may be the best choice to not get married.

Some netizens questioned the woman’s parents’ practice and said they had hurt their relatives and friends, for money.

Today, the bride’s father responded that for her daughter’s wedding, she prepared a dowry and mahogany furniture of 100,000 yuan. “I also said that I could hurt my family for money, (this statement), and we couldn’t stand it.

According to the Guiyang Evening News, the woman’s mother Ms. Xu introduced, “The man gave 88,000 yuan a gift, and gave 20,000 yuan to buy clothes, but we did not move in the form of a divorce of 100,000 yuan.” Said, in fact, as long as the daughter is happy, these are not problems. The furniture and appliances they prepare for their daughters are also more than 100,000 yuan.


Ms. Xu bluntly stated that they do not want their daughters to be wronged, but the man’s attitude in the underwear feels more difficult to put on “small foot shoes”. How to guarantee the quality of marriage in the future?

Another video content shows that the woman’s mother also said that the man did not sincerely buy underwear for his daughter, and bought the minimum. “This meaning is not tolerant of our family members for our rural people. Their thoughts were to deliberately vilify us and hurt our hearts. ” The mother’s mother said that she was not angry to marry her daughter, and her underwear was too small. She could not tolerate her daughter.

In addition, the woman’s cousin also said that her cousin had proposed to buy it with the man, but was rejected; the younger underwear bought by the man means that the woman wore a small shoes and be careful after entering the door.


The bride said that if the two sides cannot continue, she will be formally returned to the man in a formal way, such as by the police station mediation, witness, and other forms.

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