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Tourists familiar with the Xining Wildlife Park found that recently there is another snow leopard named “Ling Xia”.

The physical examination of “Ling Xia” This article is Weibo@Xining Wild Zoo


On July 1st, the surging news ( learned from the Qinghai Wildlife Rescue Breeding Center that the snow leopard is the second snow leopard of the Qinghai wildlife rescue breeding center (Xining Wildlife Park) this year, which is the female adult adults. , Body length 82cm (adult snow leopard 100-130cm;), weighing 27kg (adult female 30-45kg), the body is good. To commemorate its rescue time near “Lixia”, the zoo named it “Ling Xia”. Because “Ling Xia” has little independent survivability at present, it will be raised by Qinghai Wildlife Rescue Breeding Center for one year.

According to reports, on May 10 this year, the Qinghai Wildlife Rescue Breeding Center received a call from the forest public security bureau of the Republic of Hainan Prefecture, Qinghai Province. There was a snow leopard broke into the pastoral pasture of Shihai Naihai Township, biting her pastoral calves. Unwilling to leave after driving, it is wet by the rain and needs to be rescued. On the same day, the ambulance center rushed to the scene to rescue the wet snow leopard. After anesthesia, it was transported back to Xining for inspection.


X -ray inspection

Lingxia X -ray photo

On the morning of May 12, Professor Jin Yipeng, deputy dean of the Animal Medical College of China Agricultural University, arrived at the Wild Zoo in Xining to conduct anesthesia medical examinations with the staff of the ambulance center. The results of the medical examination show that the snow leopard is a female sub -adult body. The accurate age should be 1 year old, the body length is 82cm, and the weight is 27kg. According to its emotional situation, the living conditions of the little wild leopard should be very good in the wild before rescue. In addition, the inspection found that the snow leopard had bacterial infections, but rescuers said that bacterial infection may be related to the long -term rain before it was rescued.

Ling Xia B ultrasound result

The ambulance staff said that the little snow leopard can eat normally after supplementing nutrition and recovery, and the condition is good. The 1 -year -old Lingxia is almost no stress in the face of the ambulance personnel or facing tourists. If it is raised by the zoo for one year under the conditions, its living habits will be very relatives. Close to interaction, you may not be able to let go.

Regarding the follow -up treatment of rescue, the ambulance personnel said that because they are young in summer, they should not be released. Snow Leopard is the “flagship species” of the Qinghai -Tibet Plateau, which is a national first -level protection animal. Snow Leopard usually lives independently in the age of 2, and 1-2 is a critical period for snow leopards to learn wild survival skills. Often, they need to learn more prey prey, such as rock sheep in Qinghai. Ling Xia left Snow Leopard’s mother alone without knowing it, and lost the opportunity to learn to master the survival skills in the wild. In this case, it is not a suitable choice to return to Lingxia.

Beautiful Ling Xia

The surging news learned that this is the second snow leopard rescued by Xining Wild Zoo this year. In March of this year, the Ningyan Wild Zoo ambulance center was successfully rescued and returned to an adult male snow leopard “Ling Yan”. It is the first domestic case of snow leopard ambulance+home.

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