1801. I just visited my landlord back -the lonely neighbor who was about to cause me troubles. Here is really a beautiful country! Throughout England, I don’t believe that I can find such a place that can be completely isolated from the hustle and bustle of the earth, an ideal paradise of the world. And Herbuki and I are such a suitable pair to share the desolate scenery. A wonderful person! When I walked forward with a horse, I saw his black eyes shrank under the eyebrows. And when I notified my name. He hid his fingers in the vest bag deeper, completely a sense of unwillingness. Suddenly, I felt kind to him, but he didn’t notice it at all.

“Mr. Heba Richel?” I said.

The answer is nodded.

“Sir, I am Locke Ud, your new tenant. I will pay tribute to you as soon as I get here. I hope I insist that I want to rent a picture of Meitianzhuang. Essence

“Frtujiazhuang is my own, sir.” He interrupted my words and dodged. “As long as I can stop, I always don’t allow anyone to give me any inconvenience. Come in!”

This “coming in” was gritted and said, showing such an emotion, “see ghosts!” Even the door he leaned on did not show sympathy for this sentence; Such an invitation: I am interested in a person who seems to be more strange than me.

He saw that my horse’s chest was about to touch the fence, and he reached out and unbuttoned the door chain, and then led me to the stone road gloomily. When we arrived in the yard, we called:

“Joseph, take Mr. Locke Ud’s horse away. Take some wine.”

“I think his family has only this one,” the double command caused this idea. “No wonder the slate seams are full of grass, and only cattle are trimmed for them.”

Joseph is an older person, no, it is an old man -maybe very old, although it is still very strong and strong. “Ask the Lord to bless us!” When he took my horse, don’t look at him with unhappyly, at the same time staring at my face so angry, so that he must be in good faith. Come help to digest his meals, and his piety suddenly shouted that it has nothing to do with me.

Huxiao Villa is the name of the house of Mr. Hebuki. “Huang Xiao” is a meaningful mainland adjective that describes the air pressure commotion that this place is suffered in the storm. Indeed, they must be a pure air that is inspiring at any time. There are several small cricket trees over the house, and the rows of thin thorns are stretched in a direction, as if begging to the sun and warmth, you can guess the power of the north wind blowing. Fortunately, the architect had a strong visible to the house with a strong layout: the narrow window was deeply embedded in the wall, and the large lumpy stones were protected.

Before entering the threshold, I stopped watching a large number of weird sculptures in front of the house, especially near the main entrance. In addition to many broken monsters and little boys, I also found the “1500” age and The name “Harridon Eun Xiao”. I wanted to say a word or two, asking this proud master to ask the short history of this place, but from the posture of his standing at the door, I asked me to go in quickly, or I just left, and I was visiting He didn’t want to increase his impatience before.

Without any passage, we went straight into the sitting room: they simply called it “the house”. Generally, the so -called houses are included in the kitchen and hall; but I think in the Huxiao Villa, the kitchen was forced to retreat to another corner; at least I discerned the chattering voice and kitchen utensils in the top The sound of bumps; and in the large fireplace, I did not see the traces of cooking or baking food, and there were no copper pots and tin filter pots on the wall. On the other side of the house, there is a stack of stack of white -tadpole plates on a large oak cabinet; and some silver pots and silver cups are scattered, rows of rows, and they are tall until the roof. The hot air was shining brightly. The cabinet has never been painted; its entire structure will be studied. Just one place was covered with wooden racks such as wheat cakes, beef legs and ham. There are old -fashioned guns on the fireplace, and there is a pair of carbine; and for the sake of decoration, there are three tacky tea jars. The ground is paved with smooth white rocks; the chair is high -backed, the old -fashioned structure is painted with green; one or two bulky black chairs are hidden in the dark. In the arches under the cabinet, a big, pork liver hunting dog, a nest screamed puppy around it, and some dogs walked around other open spaces.

If this house and furniture belong to a rustic northern farmer, he has a tenacious appearance, and a convenient and stout leg in wearing shorts and leggings, which is not unusual. Such a person, sitting on his armchair, a large glass of beer is a foam on the round table in front of you. As long as you take a trip in the five or six miles of the mountain in the mountains after meals You can see. However, Mr. Heba Richel and his house, as well as lifestyle, formed a weird contrast. In appearance, he looks like a black skin jeep, and he looks like a gentleman in his dressed and demeanor -that is, a gentleman like a gentleman: maybe a bit sloppy, but it is not ugly, because he has A tall and beautiful figure; and a bit of depression. Some people may doubt that he is arrogant and rude because of the lack of education to some extent; but deep in my heart, I feel that he is not such a person. I intuitively knew that his coldness was because of the pretentiousness of being confusing -disgusted by expressing affection for each other. He covered all love and hate. As for being loved or hate, he thought it was a reckless thing. No, I judged too early: I put my characteristics generously with him. When Mr. Herbuki met a acquaintance, he hid his hand, maybe another reason for the completely different reasons I thought. I hope my nature can be called special. My dear mother always said that I would never have a comfortable home. It wasn’t until last summer that I confirmed that it was really not worthy of such a home.

I was enjoying the good weather for a month by the sea, and I met a charming person at once -when she hadn’t noticed me yet, she was a real goddess in my eyes. I have never said my love; but if the expression can pass on love, even the fool guesses that I love her madly. Later, she knew what I meant, and returned to me a autumn wave -the sweetest autumn wave in Gu Pan who could imagine. what should I do? I regretted shame -coldly, like a snail; the more she looked at me, the colder and farther. Until the end of this poor naive child had to doubt her feelings, she thought she was wrong and felt very confused, so she convinced her mother to withdraw the camp. Due to my weird behavior, I got a ruthless reputation;

What a wrongdoing, that can only be appreciated by myself.

I sat down on the chair beside the stove, and my landlord went to the opposite side. To dispel the silence at this moment, I want to go to Mo No the bitch. It only left the cub, and was sneaking into behind my legs fiercely, grinning with teeth, and saliva on white teeth. My caress made it made a long sound from his throat.

“You’d better ignore this dog,” Mr. Herba roared with the same tone and kicked it to warn it. “It is not used to being accustomed to people -it is not raised as a thing.” Then he strode to a side door and yelled:


Joseph muck in the depths of the cellar, but did not plan to come up. Therefore, his owner went to the cellar to find him, leaving me and the fierce bitch and a pair of puffed pantona -guard sheep dogs. This pair of dogs and the bitch beware of my every move and monitored. I don’t want to deal with dog teeth, I sit still without moving; however, I think they will not understand the contempt of silence. Unfortunately, I crowded these three dogs and made a ghost face. Some kinds of changes on my face were so angry Mrs. Dog, it was suddenly furious and jumped on my knees. I pushed it away and hurriedly pulled a table as a block. This move caused public anger; the six -legged devil with different sizes and age rushed from the dark to the house. I think the goals of my heels and clothing, especially the attack, are used to block the fighter with fire clamps as much as possible. On the one hand, I have to ask for help loudly, and ask who this family to rebuild peace.

Heba Ke and his servants took the irritable and lazy footsteps, climbing to the steps of the cellar: I think they are not walking almost a second faster than usual, although the stoves have been bite and barking. Chaos. Fortunately, someone in the kitchen came quickly: a strong woman, she rolled her dresses, her arms, her cheeks were red, and she wielded a frying pan and rushed to us -and used that weapon and her tongue. Very wonderfully calm the storm. When her host played, she was still in the ocean that was still undulating after the wind.

“Seeing ghosts, what’s going on?” He asked. Just after I was so impolite, he was still holding me like this, but it was really unbearable.

“Yeah, it’s really a ghost!” I murmured. “Sir, there are pigs with ghosts, ① There is no beast murderer yet. You might as well leave a group of guests to a group of tigers!”

① Pig group with ghosts -see “The Bible, New Testament · Luka Gospel” Chapter 8 Section 31 to 33: “Ghosts begged Jesus, don’t tell them to go to the bottomless pit Go. There is a large group of pigs there, eat food on the mountain. Ghost begging Jesus and quasiped them into the pigs. Jesus quasioned them. Ghosts came out of that person and entered the pigs. So the pigs broke into the cliff and cast it in The lake was drowned. “

“For those who don’t touch them, they are not too much.” He said, putting the bottle in front of me, and returning the table that was moved back.

“Dogs should be alert. Do you drink a glass of wine?”

“No, thank you.”

“Didn’t bite?”

“If I bite it, I would have to hit my mark on this biting thing.”

Sheng Ke Li’s face appeared with a smile on his face.

“Okay, okay,” he said, “You are shocked, Mr. Locke Ud. Well, drink some wine. There are very few guests in this house, so I am willing to admit that I and my dogs do not know it should know that it should be. How to receive guests. Sir, I wish you health! “

I bowed and returned to him; I started to feel a little stupid to sit there for the rudeness of a group of dogs. In addition, I also hate this guy to laugh at me again, because his interest has been transferred to the music. Maybe he has also noticed that offending a good tenant is stupid, and his tone is slightly euphemistic. When he mentioned what he thought I would be interested, he talked about the advantages and disadvantages of my current residence. I found that the topic he touched was very talented. Before I went home, I was actually interested and asked to visit tomorrow. And he obviously didn’t want me to disturb again. But I still have to go. I feel that I am good at communicating with him myself, which is really amazing.