# 流 风 穿 #

This summer, the cowboy short skirt can be described as a head,

Going to the street everywhere

It appears. Why can the cowboy short skirt be able to kill a heavy in many items? This has to mention its wild. It is still fashionable than the floral dress. This year is popular among the “cowboy short skirt”, fashionable and thin.

On the one hand, it can be used with a shirt and T-shirt, how to wear

Can’t say

On the other hand, the variety of styles are completely not picking people, simple and comfortable, will have unexpected age.

If you want to continue to understand

Demide of denim short skirt

Please look down. The summer skirt doesn’t have too much summer, there is enough, it is necessary to show your body.

Cowba short skirt style

☆ ★ package hip skirt

When choosing a cow dirt, the version can be said to be the first one.

Elements that need to be considered

And the most important ring. Cowbur’s material is thin, so it is possible to meet two styles of tight and loose.


The tight bag hip skirt is compared

Light denim material

It can closely close the hip-shaped curve, although wearing comfort and leisure is general, but can show a different sexy charm. The superior little fairy can do must try the bag, good body, can not be white,

It is necessary to come out.

☆ ★ a word skirt

Most of the a word skirt

It is quite broadly

The cowboy material can support the lines of the skirt, showing the shape of the high waist A, is very friendly for girls in various body.

Because of this, the A-character skirt can easily cover the fats of the hips and the roots of the thigh, and the high waist design will also proportion of the lower body of one person.

Draw as much as possible.

Compared to firming skirts, A-character expansion skirts are more convenient for daily commutation and out of the dating, and it is more convenient to give people a casual feel.

☆ ★ Fake two-piece denim skirt

The fake two-piece denim short skirt is


Designed to the ultimate

The style, completely get rid of the traditional single-layer style, so it is greatly reduced the possibility of hitting, and there is more personal characteristics and fashion taste.


And the fake two is to give people a way to wear two items, so it is visually

More layering,


You can select two different materials overlapping to create a more distinctive visual impact, or choose a unified material of different colors, and give some fresh feelings more clearly.


☆ ★ Recommended LOOK1: Cowboy Set

Next, I will directly display a few sets of cowboy short skirts, I hope I can be

Provide some inspiration.

The first set must be the best cowboy set for fashionable newcomers, because this matching style consistency is relatively high, so few will be wrong.

The cowboy suit can usually be divided into two types of upper and lower body colors and upper and lower body. The upper and lower body colors said more, this set is basically no need to worn,

Buying is a set

So there is no possibility of wearing an error.

The second way refers to the difference between the upper and lower bodies, that is, the upper body and the lower body have also chosen the denim elements, but

It is a single item of individuality


At this time, the choice of cowboy color is especially important, try not to use

Different colors

This will have a very strong fault in vision.


Xiaobian is more recommended to put the light-colored denim, or both skin tones can be more white and translucent, but also give people a refreshing girl’s nature, the effect of age is better than putting darkness in the upper body. a lot of.

☆ ★ Recommended LOOK2: leather 外 外 + denim skirt

If you are a cool girl who likes fashion, you can choose this dressing, using a skin jacket with a denim dress.

Rich handsome

. This topic material of cowboy itself is capable of weakening the dress of the dress is too female, adding a bit of casual trend.

At this point, add a leather coat, and complete a set perfectly.

Mixed wind full shape


. The stacks of cortical and denim different materials have improved trendy, and let the ingredients in the shape have increased a lot, it is really beautiful,

Female is full.


☆ ★ Recommended LOOK3: Chiffon shirt + denim dress

The above two kinds of wearing are all

Comparable casual

And the chiffon shirt and cowboy short skirt is more in line with the needs of those elegant ladies. The material of the chiffon itself is very weak, and it is the most feminine and charming charm, and the visual effect of the perpendicent is will

Advanced texture

In order to mix with the denim skirt, you can choose light-colored chiffon shirts, refreshing colors.



In summer, we can do full of energy, comfortable and practical.

How to choose a denim skirt?

☆ ★ According to the model

So, when everyone wants to start a cow ditch, the first thing to consider is to

Clear awareness

. The figure here refers to the body’s line and height.

Slim girls choose to include the brightestness of the hip, the body is too fat. The height is determined by the length of the skirt, and the small child is trying to choose a skirt.

Just over the thigh root

Try to show the length of your legs.

High girls can choose skirts above the knee, thus effective

Avoid the possibility of walking

☆ ★ Wide narrow contrast

The thickness of the waist is not only to be achieved by the details of the waist, but also use the width contrast of the upper body and the lower body.

Highlight the slimming of the waist


. For example, the upper body chooses a loose shirt, which corresponds to the lower body, the short body is trying to be tight, so the body can be more obvious.


☆ ★ Special wearing method to improve the waist line

Of course, no matter whether you use a T-shirt or use a shirt to match the denim shorts, you can’t wear it casually.

Let the shape more identical

You can put the clothes of the dress into the skirt, so you can make the waist line

Naturally improved upward


, Highlight a superior model.

The cowboy short skirt has more wearing a miner waiting for everyone, as a fashionable epidepipe in the fashion circle, its

It’s still a lot of wearing a potential.

. I hope this article can broaden all the wearing a field of view, helping everyone to complete a set of cowboy skirts that can really play unique glamor.