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Wu De had not worked with Liu Shaoqi before the “Cultural Revolution”. In the “Cultural Revolution”, it was neither a group of Lin Biao nor Jiang Qing’s group. He only followed one person, Mao Zedong, Mao Zedong asked him He did whatever he did. Secondly, he listened to Zhou Enlai, and he always asked Zhou Enlai in everything. Therefore, he has essential differences with Lin Biao and Jiang Qing. In this way, naturally incompatible with Lin and Jiang’s personality. Lin and Jiang did not treat him as a trustworthy person. On the contrary, he always asked him to find all kinds of problems. Wu De and Lin Biao did not have much contact, and they did not involve the army. Therefore, the friction between him and Lin Biao was not much. Wu De himself said: During that time, he felt the most difficult to entangle is Jiang Qing. “Jiang Qing is very annoying, just like the thorns on the rural trails. I can’t get a small thorn ball, it’s enough to pick it up for a while. So people hide from her, lest she can’t avoid it.” Facing Jiang Qing’s difficulties, Wu De adopted a “hit Taijiquan” to deal with. Wu De recalled several things:

On the movie “Jie Zhen Guo”, Jiang Qing picked Wu De’s “problem”. One day, Jiang Qing asked Wu De to accompany her to watch the movie “Ji Zhen Guo”. After watching it, Jiang Qing said that the movie could be adapted into Peking Opera and prepared to be adapted from the Beijing Peking Opera Troupe. When Wu De was working in the local Anti -Japanese War in his early years, he knew the matter of Jie Zhenguo, but in front of the impermanence Jiang Qing, he dared not say anything, but could only say nothing. Later, Jiang Qing sent someone to investigate, and made the Beijing Peking Opera Troupe adapted “Ji Zhenguo” into Peking Opera based on the survey materials and movie stories. One day later, the “Central Cultural Revolution” suddenly informed Wu De to the Diaoyutai to meet. Participating in this meeting include Jiang Qing, Yao Wenyuan, Xie Fuxi and Wu De. At the beginning of the meeting, Jiang Qing approved Wu De and said, why did you pass on the personal monument? Wu De couldn’t touch his head. Yao Wenyuan said beside him that there was an intellectual in the script of Ji Zhenguo. Is this character you? Wu De said: I don’t know what the script is, I haven’t seen it. At that time, the secretary of the Tangshan Working Committee was Zhou Wenbin. He was a comrade of the Korean people of Luohe Middle School in Tongxian County. The strike was directly led by him. During the strike, the Provincial Party Committee asked me four times. The leaders of the strike were Zhou Wenbin and Hu Zhifa, and the two were later sacrificed. Wu De, who participated in the leader of the leadership strike, did not talk about any contributions to his leadership strike, but only about the deeds of the martyrs who had already sacrificed. This made Jiang Qing unable to catch his handle. Jiang Qing also wanted to find flaws, and asked again, who is this intellectual? Wu De replied: It should be Zhou Wenbin. Wu De also talked about the strike. Jiang Qing had to say: You wrote it. Wu De couldn’t push it. After returning, he wrote a material. Jiang Qing also took this material to ask Mao Zedong. Mao Zedong said: Jidong Great Raice is a great event. Jiang Qing had to give up. Not to do articles in this matter.

◆ The deeds of Ji Zhenguo were the earliest report to Mao Zedong.

In 1971, Mao Zedong nominated Wu De as the leader of the Cultural Group of the State Council, and Zhou Enlai agreed. However, Wu De knew that it was going to deal with Jiang Qing. If he could not do it well, he had to make trouble with Jiang Qing. Once, he and Zhou Enlai talked about his thoughts. Zhou En said: The leader of the Cultural Group, Chairman Mao had instructions and could not help but go. But you can not go for the time being, let Liu Xianquan be responsible for it first. In this way, Wu De did not go to the cultural group. But after a month or two, at the Model scene at the Beijing West Hotel, Jiang Qing rebuked Wu De in the face of the people of the Central Cultural Revolution Group and the people of the State Council Cultural Group. To Ren? Wu De explained that I can’t do this job. I have no culture and I don’t understand art. Zhang Chunqiao said weirdly by the yin and yang next to him: You do n’t understand, do n’t understand it! Wu De had no choice but to take office. After taking office, Wu De wanted to “liberate” some movies and drama performances. When Wu De proposed, Jiang Qing and others did not say anything. However, when Wu De organized the two movies, “Crossing River Investigation” and “Zhi Huashan”, wrote a report, and sent Zhou Enlai and Jiang Qing for review, but Jiang Qing was unhappy. Find it, and ask when you speak, why do you sing against me? Wu De couldn’t touch his head, and Jiang Qing then asked: Do you know if you know the screenwriters, directors, and actors of these movies? Wu De said that I did not investigate the study. Zhang Chunqiao took it to say that there was a “Red Lantern”, and you made a “Cross River Cross” and a “Those of the Wisdom”, and you did a “Wisdom to Hua Mountain”. Faced with such an unreasonable accusation, Wu De had to close his mouth without talking. Jiang Qing asked Wu De to understand the directors and actors of these two films one by one, and also had a meeting of Wu De to let Wu De review at the meeting. Wu De had to write a review, saying that he did not review it carefully, and the two films proposed were wrong, and so on.


Another time, the crew of Shandong’s “Red Aunt” came to Beijing. The person in charge of the crew was very polite. For those who went to the reception of Wu De, what else should there be to modify? The reception person said that there are places that need to be modified, you propose, I will ask for instructions. This incident was reflected in Jiang Qing. Jiang Qing was furious and called the Beijing Municipal Party Committee to find Wu De. To Wu De said that someone would destroy the model scene, do you know? Wu De said, I don’t know. Jiang Qing lost his temper and questioned Wu De: Why did the people you sent to say so? Wu De had to say, I didn’t hear this question, I asked the situation again and understood it. After that, Jiang Qing asked Wu De to review again, saying that it would destroy the model drama. Wu De admitted that the person sent by him was accidentally speaking, so that the person sent to write a review was considered a matter.


Wu De later recalled that it was really difficult to do at that time, and I often criticized it. I was careful, the crime of suffering in the cultural group was great. (To be continued)


(Note: This article refers to Wu De’s oral record materials and some historical materials of the book “Ten Years of Storm”. Before use, refer to other materials to further verify some materials.)

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