The role of indoor wireless infrared detector is that in the security alarm project, indoor wireless infrared detectors have always played a very important role. From the overall performance, we can find many aspects of problems and management. The detector that refers to the main detection method with the thermal release induction component (PIR component) is triggered the alarm from the temperature change within the detection range. Usually, it is a three -dimensional area, and the general indoor environmental temperature is constant. When there are invaders, the invaders The detector will be alarm to perceive the difference between the temperature and background temperature of the human body. Due to the unstable environmental temperature, the outdoor outdoor will cause a large misunderstanding if the ordinary passive detector is used. The detection range of passive infrared detectors is 120 degrees left and right, and the upper and lower are 75 degrees. Its detection range is much wider than the active infrared detector. Generally, it is installed in the room or hall in the room.

Installing a line infrared detector in the room does not know what brand of buying? The style and models also have different functions. How to choose when the selection is confused? Guangzhou Ailifu Electronics recommends the following indoor infrared detectors. Everyone can make reference models according to their needs and functional characteristics.

Ude-power wireless infrared detector WS-601YW:

The detection is greater than 10 meters, the angle is 120 degrees, the communication is dual-purpose, the launch distance is greater than 1 kilometer, and the AL-2100 host special detector.

1. Function and characteristics of high -power wireless infrared detectors:

1 Real temperature compensation

2 Long -distance wireless password signal transmission

3 powerful anti -radio frequency interference

4 detection distance 8-15 meters, angle 120 degrees

5 DC dual use (can be equipped with 8 knots 7 can be charged, automatic charging and automatic switching)

6 Wireless launch distance of more than 1 kilometer (open space).

Wireless passive infrared detector WS-600W:

This product is a high -stability wireless infrared detector. It uses signal analysis processing technology, providing detection and anti -error positive performance. When an invader is detected through the detection area, the detector will automatically detect the activities of the human body in the area and emit wireless signals to the alarm host; the product is suitable for family residential areas, real estate villas, factory buildings, shopping malls, warehouses, office buildings and other places Prevent.

technical parameter:


Working voltage: 9V 6F22 battery

Work current: ≤30ma

Static current: ≤15ua

Launch distance: ≥100m (empty distance)


Installation method: wall hanging


Installation height: 2.2M

Detective angle: 110 ° (curtain type 15 °)

Exploration range: 12m (curtain 8M)

Coding method: 1527/2262

Launch frequency: 315MHz/433MHz

Size: 109*60*42mm


1. The detection distance of passive infrared detectors will be affected by external temperature.

2. Anti -theft products can increase the safety factor and cannot guarantee 100%security. Users need to raise safety awareness to avoid losses.

3. After successfully adjusting the detector, in order to strengthen the concealment of the detector, it is recommended to disconnect the LED jump line and make the LED indicator not work.

4. When the battery voltage is lower than the set value, the indicator lights flickered, and alarm signal is emitted to the outside, reminding the owner to replace the battery to work normally.

High-energy-saving wireless curtain passive infrared detector WS-600MW:

This product is controlled by microprocessor, automatic temperature compensation, dynamic threshold adjustment technology, and the detection range can be adjusted; battery owed pressure alarm prompts, bipolar pulse meters can be adjusted.

Surgical parameter


Working voltage: DC3V (2 verses of 1.5V AA battery)

Alarm current: ≤10ma

Detective distance: 9-18M

Detective angle: 110 ° (wide -angle) 15 ° (curtain)

Wireless frequency: 315m or 433M

Wireless distance: 200 meters (empty and no interference)

IOU indication: Yellow LED

Alarm instruction: Red LED

Covering area: 11 in the district, 8 central districts, 5 near the district

Sensor: dual -element hot release infrared sensor

Work temperature: -10 ℃- +50 ℃

Environmental humidity: ≤95%RH

Anti-RF interference: 100MHz-1GHz 20V/M

The above is the model parameters of indoor wireless infrared detectors. The products are available for sale by Guangzhou Ailifu Electronics. It is the quality goal that the company has always adhered to. , Let users use peace of mind.

Static current: ≤15ua