Skecher x Carrots

一周运动新品 | 斯凯奇上新胡萝卜系列,GGDB发售新款小白鞋

Spring is getting stronger, and sports and leisure brand Skechers recently co -branded an American designer Anwar Carrots to release carrot series shoes and clothing.

T -shirts and shorts use soft skin -friendly fabrics. Among them, T -shirts include two high -saturated color schemes: green and orange; shoes include D ’Lites strap sports shoes, Max Cushioning cushioning sandals and UPPER carrot.

All three shoes are paired with green and orange “carrots” on the basis of white. D’Lites strap sneakers upgrade the outsole. UPPER board shoes use Air-COOLED memory insoles, Max Cushioning sandals use GOGA MAT breathable memory insoles, multi-function three-layer structure high-rebound memory foam, providing comfort, support and breathable breathability performance. In addition, the upper uses lightweight fabrics, and the upper and back heels are adjustable magic stickers, which are suitable for different foot types.

The SKECHERS X Carrots series has been sold on the shelves. The retail price of the D ’Lites is RMB 799 and the retail price of Max Cushioning is 649 yuan.

GOLDEN Goose Yateay

Golden Goose, a fashion sports brand from Italy, launched a sustainable sports shoes on the occasion of the world and Earth Day.

Golden Goose’s full name Golden Goose Deluxe Brand (GGDB), which was previously popular globally with a “small dirty shoes”.

According to reports, the materials of GOLDEN Goose YAai are derived from plants, and the ingredients include recycled polyester and biodegradable rubber. At the same time, the shoe uses white shoelaces made of sticky fiber lining, cotton white biological coating, recycled cotton and polyester.

In addition, each pair of shoes has a unique relief number on the left heel label. The wearer scan the QR code printed on the shoe box, enter the number and enter the area to plant a tree, you can monitor its growth and absorbing. Carbon dioxide.

GOLDEN Goose YAai is already available on the official website, priced at $ 350.

一周运动新品 | 斯凯奇上新胡萝卜系列,GGDB发售新款小白鞋

Nike KD 15 “Beginnings” “

一周运动新品 | 斯凯奇上新胡萝卜系列,GGDB发售新款小白鞋

The first round of the NBA playoffs in the 2021-2022 season is the first round of the playoffs.

At present, the Nets have temporarily lagging behind the Boston Celtics with a score of 0-3. Durant scored 23 points, 4 rebounds, 3 assists, 27 points, 4 rebounds and 5 assists in three games, 18 points 8 rebounds and 8 rebounds. Assist data.

Nike KD 15 is a low -top basketball shoes with a supporting board on both sides to achieve a larger range of movement. Similar to the previous generations of boots, the KD 15 uses a cushlon midsole with a full palm zoom Strobel cushioning system to provide explosive power.

一周运动新品 | 斯凯奇上新胡萝卜系列,GGDB发售新款小白鞋

KD 15’s first color matching “Beginnings”, the upper is printed with dark blue patterns, with a light blue laces, and the black support plate is wrapped on both sides with a yellow Nike logo printed on it.

一周运动新品 | 斯凯奇上新胡萝卜系列,GGDB发售新款小白鞋

It is reported that Nike KD 15 “Beginnings” will be released this summer with a retail price of $ 160, but the specific release date has not been announced.