I don’t know if you have heard of “Tile floor stickers”. This is a sticker similar to tiles, but it is not just a sticker. You can put it on the tiles. When you say this, you can think of this tool under what circumstances will choose this tool. ?

The function of tile floor paper is more similar to the wallpaper- “covering ugly”. The walls are painted and dirty by the bear children. Paper, the post is no different from renovation!


Anyway, if my family transforms the bathroom, it is specified to choose this when the tiles are relatively high! It re -paved tiles than knocking off the original tiles


Too much:

1. First of all, you do n’t need to knock off the tiles and then re -spread it. In this way, the transformation project period is shortened, and the transformation fee will naturally spend less.

2. It is easy to spread it. It can be pasted with the posterior membrane paper. Unlike the wallpaper, it is necessary to specially specify glue. The paving is convenient and easy.


3. It can be cut, because the material is similar to stickers, it is easier to cut, but tile segmentation is difficult.


However, there are many types of tile floor stickers. It is easier to buy in the bedroom.

How to choose tile floor stickers used in the bathroom



1. Waterproof


The bathroom has a washing table and a shower room, so the first thing is to consider waterproof. Tile floor stickers mainly rely on their back glue paste. The highest is PVC self -stick floor paper. The key is that the price is very beautiful ~


By the way, the tile floor stickers used in the bedroom can be dragged, but it cannot be soaked in water. The floor paper used in this functional area does not have such high waterproof ability.

2. Anti -slip


The bathroom belongs to the wet area. The ground with water cannot be too slippery and it is easy to fall. The floor paper must also consider this. It is better to choose the surface paper on the surface. For example, the surface has uneven patterns.


3. Scratch

The floor paper is a bit easy to scrape, but the PVC material is not easy to scrape. It can be said that the cost performance is very high!


4. Thickness

The more thicker the floor paper is, the better, the too thick and too thin feet are not good, and the 1.8mm thickness is no longer recommended to buy it. In addition, the alien floor paper is less than 0.4mm. The phenomenon, such as hexagonal floor paper.

Compared to knocking off the floor tiles, I prefer to buy this kind of tile floor paper to transform the bathroom, save time and effort and money! When you want to change it later, you will have a little glue residue when you tear it down. Simply brush it with bathroom detergent to remove it.