Hi guys! I will share with you how to become beautiful. I hope my article will bring you some fashion inspiration. I hope everyone can live the most beautiful look!

In a blink of an eye, it was shocked, which means that the recovery of everything, and the good time of spring and the sun is really coming. It’s time to storage and organize a thick winter dress. Nan Xi was busy organizing his winter clothes this weekend. But there is one of the same single product Nanxi that it is still necessary to temporarily retain it, that is, the dress is a cool weapon ~ boots.


Boots have always been an important item in winter in the eyes of many people. Because it is not only fashionable but also warm, and by the way, it takes into account the many benefits of modifying leg shape and increase. It is a magic weapon of fashionable girls in winter! Many ordinary outfits have a pair of boots to join, and they will immediately leverage the leverage and make you different. However, the benefits of boots are far from this. In the spring and autumn season, there is still no meaning of retreating to the second line. It is still a handle of fashion matching. As long as there is it, you are not possibly buried in the crowd!

If we wear boots in winter to keep warm, the main purpose of wearing boots in spring is fashion! Intersection Intersection In this case, Nanxi will share with you the fashionable and storage and maintenance methods of boots.


As we all know, the girls who love beauty are inseparable from fashionable skirts. There is no cold trouble in spring, and you can rest assured that you can wear a skirt with peace of mind. However, if you want to wear a bright and beautiful effect, a pair of boots are essential.

In spring, although the combination of white T+black skirt is atmospheric, it is really difficult to impress the popularity. The boots have the effect of “decaying into magic”. The addition of a pair of boots can completely create the fashionable effect of bloggers!


Everyone knows the retro temperament of black and white checkered. If you want to wear a sense of fashion, you must match the “artifact”. A pair of boots are not suitable for accessories. With white T as a reconciliation and black boots, the checkered suit can bloom the charm of fashion.


This year, not only the boots are the protagonist of fashion, but the white boots are the top flow in the mainstream. If we wear white boots in winter and there is a sense of sharpness, then the spring with suitable temperature, a pair of white boots is a stylish temperament Essence With any single product, it can easily capture the hearts of people and become the focus of fashion.



Shirts are also necessary for women in spring. Especially a white shirt is an indispensable item in every woman’s wardrobe. In the spring, the combination of shirts and boots can be said to make a profitability to the end. Such a combination will make people feel capable and intellectual.

Boot+knitted vest

Fashionable items are always cherished. Boots and knitted vests are the two major items in this spring. With shirts and leather shorts, it is free and easy!


Sweats and boots are a matching match every spring! Fashionable girls can outline unlimited styles in this combination.


Or atmosphere or elegance, or modern or retro, everything is in control.




The fierce temperament of boots and leather are the most consistent. Especially in suit style leather clothes and leather shorts, it is a very pleasing combination. Handsome and stylish, and neat!

There is a color of coloring with spring. The refreshing sense of the blue and white combination is the brightest dress in spring. Unlike the combination of the suits+boots above, although it is also a suit style, it has no formal feeling at all. Modern is fashionable and full of tide!


Boots+long coat


No matter what category jacket, as long as it is long enough, you can create the following effects.

As we all know, boots are a weapon for creating long legs. The combination with the long coat is to wear the cheats of long -legged girls. The fluorescent green color matching is gorgeous, plus such a fashionable way of wearing, it is 100 % turn!

Don’t buy and buy it again! The satisfactory trench coat, you can’t wear a fashionable effect, that is really you can’t make it! This black mid -length leather trench coat is classic enough! The ten -year -old style, just a pair of boots is enough to be fashionable, trendy online!


Spring is inseparable from the boots, and it is inseparable from the elegant trench coat. Use the simplest black and white to do the bottom of the bottom. The temperament of the cool girl came into being. A elegant trench coat is more icing on the cake, and has both temperament and gas field.

In addition to white, this year’s boots are also popular with clean knight boots! This pure style that has almost no decoration is really a very modified leg shape. In front of it, almost everyone can create straight long legs. It is definitely not difficult to walk with a trench coat with the same aura!

The all -black shape is not enough in any season! Even if it is full of gorgeous spring, such a black body will not make people feel incompatible. Instead, it shows sexy and cool charm.

However, such a good -looking and effective boots are naturally expensive. Of course you must care carefully! In the domestic weather, most of the regions need to be worn for another month. How can we maintain it? Nan Xi brought everyone





First: Wipe off the ash above with shoe cloth. Then, put on the corresponding shoe oil. The cool and ventilated treatment, waiting for the solvent of the upper to volatilize. Then wipe out the surface of the hair with shoe cloth or shoe brush out of light. The technique should be light, and it seems to be touched. It will be collected again after a day of cool ventilation.


Second: Use a cardboard to support the waist and lie flat. Then use old stockings and collect it.


Finally: Put the desiccant.

In addition to leather boots, it is still very popular at the moment. Compared with the surface of the light, the skin is relatively difficult to take care of. So how to maintain wool skin?

First of all: When wearing fur boots, it is necessary to remove ash. The easiest way is to use humid shoe cloth to repeatedly beat the surface of the fur shoes, and then put them in a ventilated place to dry and dry.

Secondly: The fur leather shoes are easy to deform. It is best not to wear a pair of shoes for a long time. You need to let the boots rest for three or four days to prevent the phenomenon of deformed and fade.

Finally: It is best not to wear hair boots on rainy days. Rain wetting is the greatest damage to the fur skin damage. If you accidentally encounter water stains in the upper, you can take dry with a sponge or water absorption paper in time, and then put it in a ventilated place to dry it. Do not expose it.


Well, this is the sharing of this issue. Please continue to pay attention to fashion -free age, let us meet a more beautiful ourselves with wearing!