Speaking of the skirt, everyone must be familiar with everyone. The skirt is very favored in this early spring season. While showing the temperament, it can also match the shape of a variety of changes with various tops. However, the style of the skirt is 10 points diversified. It is not easy to find one that suits you. Today, I will recommend a few versatile for everyone. The tempera Essence

“Halway Skirt” style recommendation

It is important to choose the right “version”


First of all, when choosing a skirt, we can start according to the version of the skirt. If your age is over 30 years old, when you start with a skirt, you can try more styles with a strong three -dimensional sense of skirt, such as the fishtail skirt in the figure below and cutting the three -dimensional suit skirt, which is a very good choice. Essence


The former has a hip design, and at the same time adds an expansion of the lower skirt, which can not only create a superior waist and hip ratio, but also cover the short board of the calf. It is also very feminine. The latter can use the three -dimensional sense of a suit skirt to modify the shape, which is very suitable for pear -shaped figures with thick legs and width.


If you want to wear a feminine effect, or show the advantages of your body, then we can try the hip skirt in the figure below. Use the hip design to outline the curve of the figure, which can not only add femininity, but also show the bumpy S -shaped curve. Whether it is an H -shaped body or a pear -shaped figure, it can easily control it.


If you like more low -key styles, you can start with a skirt without too much design, but if you want to add femininity and wear the effect of light cooked wind, it is best to choose a bag hip skirt with lace lace design , Can add a lot of noble atmosphere to your dress.

If you belong to a thin person, you must not miss the pleated skirt. The folds tightly arranged in the pleated skirt have a certain fluffy feeling, which can make your dress look more filled, which is very suitable for sisters with H -shaped figure or paperman figure.

But it should be noted that in order to wear a pleated skirt to wear a thin effect, we are better to tighten the position of the waistline, and to create a visual contraction effect by tightening the waistline, reduce the pleated skirt The sense of expansion, the thin effect up!

Choose the right “fabric” more divided


In addition to being able to start with the version of the skirt, we have to pay more attention to the fabric. At the beginning of the beginning of this temperature, we can try the velvet skirt. The velvet skirt with a French romantic and high -end atmosphere with the skirt with the skirt can make your dress look more high -level and expensive, have a good bonus effect on temperament, and also meet the temperature needs of the spring season. It is practical and practical. very attractive.

But if you prefer to reduce age and make the skirt light, then it is more recommended to try the light gauze skirt. The skirt of the light gauze skirt is smart and elegant with the effect of dynamic age reduction. At the same time, it can also reduce the too gentle attributes of the skirt, making your dress look younger.

Women who are about 30 years of age can try a light gauze skirt with a double -layer design. But if you prefer to wear more age -reducing ways, it is recommended that you start a light gauze skirt with irregular skirts, adding a sense of design, and it will look more eye -catching.


For daily wear, we can also try more skirts with cotton lines. The cotton line material is daily and breathable, and at the same time, it can also reduce the gentle temperament of the skirt, making your dress look more lively.

Of course, if you want your daily wear to get a super high turnover rate, we can also try to choose a skirt style with leather fabric. Combining the soft leather with the softness of the skirt to shape the effect of rigidity and softness, and the temperament will be more prominent.

“Box Skirt” top top


The most indispensable way to wear in spring is to use sweaters and skirts to combine the soft waxy of the sweater with the softness of the skirt, which can better show the generous and gentle temperament of women. However, this set of matching is too common. To wear a super high return rate, we might as well try to choose a sweater with a strong sense of design, such as a sweater with drawstring or stitching material, which is a very good choice. With a half -body skirt, it can reduce the hit rate and create a personality of a personality.

If you are worn in the workplace, then we can try the matching of a suit and skirt. With a suit weakened the softness of the skirt, at the same time, it will not lose femininity. The overall temperament will be more elegant and intellectual. However, in order to prevent the workplace from being too monotonous and boring, it is recommended that you try more to choose a combination of floral skirts or checkered skirts and solid colors to strengthen the color sense of the shape. It’s more brilliant, and it is easy to let you kill a female colleague.


This spring is better to try the above skirts. The versatile temperament is still very high, and it is guaranteed to make you go out every day!