Update ~~ Update ~~~ Update ~~~~ Important things have to be said many times! Intersection One week’s hard work can only be released on Sunday!

Today, Tencent Video’s third episode is exempted from public, and the fourth episode of VIP is unlocked. Children’s shoes that have not been seen yet, take your pony, hurry up with Xiaobian ~~

In the third episode, the smart leaves use the whereabouts of the spa K Hanfeng to help them get more strength to rescue the hot mothers and help themselves successfully retain their memories during their lifetime. For the combat system, don’t be too perfect for this plan! It is indeed the debut of the C position, and the face value, the brain value, and the battle value are no shortage! Intersection Intersection


However, although the help of the smart hunting group, the process of rescue the hot mom is still thrilling, Xiaobian really squeezed a sweat for them!

Those who are full of eyes are more than that, and Qin Yan, who is highly anticipated, finally appeared in the fourth episode! Let’s start with a wave of goddess opening show ~~~


Wow, it really is a girl with a soft posture, light pace, a girl who loves, and flowers to see flowers!


Qin Yan’s father is also a top smart scientist, but her mother has died very early and depended on each other from a young age. Professor Qin Hui and Director Qiao of the Intelligent Security Bureau lived in the same courtyard. Qin Yan and Director Qiao’s son Zhuo Ran grew up together. Zhuo Ran always took Qin Yan as a relative and sister, because Qin Yan was cute and sticky, so Zhuo Ran called Qin Yan as a fragrant cat. With the growth of age, Qin Yan has more and more dependent on Zhuo Ran. Sometimes she is unclear. Whether Zhuo Ran is regarded as her own brother or the object of her deep love. So in the opinion of the editor, the two should be the kind of feelings that the lovers who have not been full of friendship ~

In order to comfort Zhuo Ran, who was suspended, Ms. Qin Yan sent her own incense kiss as soon as she appeared! Intersection Intersection Intersection That’s right, it’s the taste of lemon! Intersection This super sweet, cute, and straightforward, without a mask without camouflage, do you grab your heart?

(Woohoo ┭┮﹏┭┮ I also want Miss Qin Yan’s kiss ლ (° ◕ ‵ ƹ ′◕) !!)


However, watching the following preview Miss Qin Yan seems to be in trouble. It seems that this week I will spend again in the days of worrying about Qin Yan.


Well, Xiaobian will continue to listen to “Instant Love” for a long week. We will see it next week!

>>>>> END <<<


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