Smartphones have developed to now, and its basic form has continued for more than ten years, and the emergence of folding screens undoubtedly points out a new development direction for the smartphone market. However, because the folding screen itself is still in “experimental” exploration, it is inevitable, and the crease is a “side effect” brought by the folding screen.

“全球折痕最轻微的屏幕”OPPO Find N是如何做到的?

On a complete screen, there is a crack, and the display effect will be greatly reduced.

“全球折痕最轻微的屏幕”OPPO Find N是如何做到的?

And OPPO Find N This is the main selling point is the shallow folding screen mobile phone on the market. How is OPPO did?

Optimize folding mode, self-developed precision plague hinge

In order to more understand the folding mode of the folding screen, we do a class ratio.

“全球折痕最轻微的屏幕”OPPO Find N是如何做到的?

Pinching both ends of the A4 paper, the paper will form a curve similar to the shaped water droplet, the bending radius is large, and there is almost no crease in the paper after the deployment. The curved radius approaches the circle of 0 mm (U type), and it will face a very obvious crease at this time.

The left side is a water droplet, and the right is U

U-type crease, lower water droplet type

The screen folding is also the same principle. The larger the folded radius at the same case, the bigger the cream is incomeping. There are two types of hinges commonly used in the industry:

“全球折痕最轻微的屏幕”OPPO Find N是如何做到的?



Water drops hinge


“全球折痕最轻微的屏幕”OPPO Find N是如何做到的?

The conventional bending radius of the U-shaped hinge is about 1.5 mm, while the water droplet hinge curved radius of Find N is 3.0 mm, which is 200% compared. Therefore, a larger bending radius can make the screen shape spread to a larger range, and the plastic deformation is smaller, so the crease of the screen is slightly. The simulation test shows that the water droplet hinge is reduced by 48% compared to the U-shaped hinge.

Since the water droplet hinge has such a good effect, why is the product on the city rarely use this structure?

The water drip hinge is more complicated to the mechanical structure of the U-shaped hinge and the price is more expensive. The number of parts of ordinary U-shaped hinges is generally around 60, and the cost is not higher than 200 yuan; and the water droplet hinge has 136 components, the cost is a U-shaped hinge at least 4 times.

More precise structures also means higher process requirements. According to OPPO’s official introduction, there are more than 400 key size control standards in the OPPO Find N hinge, with a maximum accuracy of 0.01mm, only one tenth of a piece of paper. In addition, in order to ensure that the screen is not affected by the hinge during the opening and closing process, OPPO is repeatedly polished inside the hinge to ensure that the flatness is within 0.15 mm.

OPPO Find N outstanding crease control is due to the water droplet hinge:

Improve the bend radius to reduce screen crease

Screen stacking: more less likely to generate abrasions

In addition to the water drip hinge, the folding screen reduces the crease and has a direction of the effort – the stack of the screen.

The screen cover material of the current folding screen mainly has two, UTG (Ultra-Thin-Glass ultra-thin glass) and CPI (colorless transparent polyimide film), which can be easily understood as glass and plastic. In fact, it has excellent, utg (glass) light transmittance is more wear resistant, it is not easy to deform, but it is fragile; CPI film (plastic) is not wear-resistant, very easy to leave scratches, detrition, and better delay.

“全球折痕最轻微的屏幕”OPPO Find N是如何做到的?

CPI belongs to mature technology, its production process is simple, low cost, and is largely used in the promotion phase of the folding screen. At the same time, the shortcomings of the folding screen are also enlarged.

The folding screen of the CPI film is large, the screen is not flat, the texture is soft, and it is very easy to leave scratches.

So from the actual experience of the UTG glass to win the CPI film, more suitable for the folding screen phone. Of course, the main disadvantage of UTG is that the cost is high, and the yield is low, which is also one of the most important reasons for the promotion of UTG glass on folding screen.

OPPO FIND N screen stack

There is no doubt that as the shallow folding screen mobile phone in the current market, the OPPO Find N screen is 0.03mm UTG glass. Compared to the traditional CPI membrane anti-impact force increased by 300%, more firm.

“全球折痕最轻微的屏幕”OPPO Find N是如何做到的?

In addition, the screen folding area uses a single-layer segment steel plate bonding scheme, while lifting reliability, reducing the pulling of the steel plate to the PANEL display layer. The bottom of the screen adopts OPPO self-developed patented meter matrix. Dynamic changes to the water drops, redesign the degree of density, the strand reduction is 30%, which greatly reduces the crease.

On this this, OPPO is grinded for more than ten cases on the screen in the screen, and this series of exploration is optimized, and the screen crease has reached 30% again.

“全球折痕最轻微的屏幕”OPPO Find N是如何做到的?

Seiko, make the most important damage

OPPO Find N In a limited thickness, OPPO constantly adjusts the material, stacking scheme, supports the mesh design, and the mating of the shaft and the midfraction plan, and the cost. After years, finally overcomes the largest problem of folding screen:


The future of the mobile phone is not necessarily a folding screen, and the folding screen is a different future, putting a “expensive toy”, which is true,

“From early adopters, to common use”

This is the constant pursuit of OPPO Find N.


“全球折痕最轻微的屏幕”OPPO Find N是如何做到的?