If you can only choose a skirt this year, I believe that everyone will choose a camisole, cool and beautiful, wearing sexy and charming, superimposed cardigan and jackets, skinny and covering meat, how to wear it well, youthful breath comes. The combination of “cardigan + suspender skirt” is particularly hot this year, elegant and foreign, commuting or daily wear is very suitable, and it is not cheap at all.

The cardigan + suspender skirt, such a way of wear, can give full play to the advantages of the two items, and wear the effect of 1 + 1> 2, which is both age -reducing foreign and thin, but these two seem to have nothing to do with it. How to match it with items better?

1. “Courtes of Courtes + Skirt Skirt” match explanation

Different skirts, unlike other skirts, the design of the sleeve band shoulder strap, can expose large collarbone and shoulder back lines, which looks very beautiful. In addition, the skin area is larger, and it is more cool in summer and not boring at all.

For women who are not so slim, wearing a suspender skirt is easy to expose the shortcomings of the figure. It looks thick and thick, and it is very fat. A cardigan can solve this problem. Similar to a cardigan and jacket,

But the fabric should be thinner

With a suspender skirt, it can reduce the area of ​​exposed skin, cover the shoulders and arms, the upper body is thin, and the effect of modifying the figure is super good.

Second, how to choose “suspenders” is more advanced?

① Preferably fine shoulder straps

The suspender skirt, some shoulder bandwidth, some shoulder straps are thinner, the fine shoulder strap has a low sense of existence, and the shoulders will not be divided into several parts. The visually thinner is obvious. width.

② Some design with the neckline will be more foreign

The suspender skirt of the shoulder -length neckline is relatively basic. It is easy to wear for people with relatively long neck lines, but women with short necks and thick necks make the chest swell more.


It is recommended that you choose a V -neck. Some are compared to the depth, which is thinner to wear, and you can also extend the neck lines.


③ The waist chain is more figured

The version of the strap skirt is the same as the width of the skirt. The vertical lines are used to modify the figure to achieve the effect of thin and high. However, this version is not friendly to the small man, and the waist chain is higher. It can make the body three or seven points, the legs are short, and naturally tall.


Third, how to choose the “cardigan” is the most thinner?

◎ From the fabric point

With a camisker skirt, the fabric is very important. If you want to wear a slim effect, you need to choose the thin material to shorten the horizontal expansion. In addition, a grasped with a pit stripes, with the feeling of extending lines, stretch the upper body.

Recommended fabric: chiffon shirt, satin shirt, sweater, sunscreen shirt

◎ Looking at the version


The suspender skirt is preferred, so the cardigan of the outside cannot also choose a slimming style, otherwise the external tightness + inner tightness will appear more tight, as well as the risk of exposing thick arms and small belly. No matter what the cardigan is made of a cardigan,

Choose a loose version and never make an error

Inner narrow and width, the effect of covering meat is very good.

Fourth, “cardigan + suspender skirt” matching skills


1. White cardigan + suspender skirt

White cardigan, versatile fashion, choose a white cardigan with suspender skirt, you can ignore coloring at all, white universal versatile, whether it is matched with a cleaning camisole, or with a bright color suspender skirt, it is harmonious and natural.

White cardigan can press down all gorgeous colors


It is super elegant to wear.

The cardigan is selected short, which is more highly raised with the obvious length of the camisole. Where is the most suitable length of the cardigan? Regardless of whether it is short, the waist position is relatively high, and the hem can be clearly defined with the waistline and balanced ratio.



: The more obvious the color contrast between the cardigan and the suspender skirt, especially the contrasting color, it can emphasize the waistline, which is highly effective.


Cassane and suspender skirt with the same color system


For women who are not sensitive to color, do n’t spend their brain tendons and color, just choose the same color and match the same color. It is simple and generous, convenient and practical. The color of the cardigan and the suspender skirt is the same,


Can make the connection between the cardigan and the suspender skirt stronger

, Make the vertical lines longer and longer.

Key points: The material of the cardigan and the suspender skirt should be somewhat different, such as satin camisole + cotton -linen cardigan, chiffon suspender skirt + knitted cardigan.


Courtes of cardigan are more dignified and elegant


The cardigan is worn together, and the upper body is hidden tightly. The elegant skirt of the suspender skirt is exposed, elegant and dignified, and very goddess. But remember that only a short cardigan is suitable for co -wear, with a long and short contrast, and will not blur the figure. The long cardigan is bloated and bloated, not at all.

3. Courtesy knot wear is more stylish

The cardigan must be “not easy to wear” to be more new. For example, put the cardigan loosely on the body, exposing the shoulders on one side, a little sexy. also,

Everyone can also knot a cardigan

The buttons above were opened, and the hem knotted at the hem, which looked particularly tall.

If the cardigan is with buttons, the bottom button is the same. The effect of knotting the clothes is the same, and the upper body is very lazy. In addition, the suspender skirt with a cardigan has a certain effect of blocking the sun, which can avoid black.


4. Consultation cardigan + flower suspender skirt

The suspender skirt + cardigan, pay attention to the combination of simplification, pure -colored cardigan with a colorful suspender skirt inside, with simplicity and complexity, very foreign, and not very fancy.

A sling skirt with floral floral, it will feel more rural style than solid color suspenders skirt

With weaving hats, weaving handbags to rescue travel!


Older women wear camisole skirts,


Can try black

As well as

Brown and dark green dark color system


, More mature and elegant, with a little larger flower pattern, super feminine. The fabric chooses a sense of chiffon and silk, and it is not tireless to wear and grasp the temperament.

5. Design cardigan + basic suspender skirt


The camisole is superimposed with a cardigan. Do n’t care too much about the style of the suspender skirt. The thin shoulder straps or wide shoulder straps, the V -neckline is still the shoulder -length collar. With the cover of the cardigan, it is appropriate to wear it. The cardigan is more fashionable,

For example, lantern sleeves, bat sleeve cardigan, larger cuffs, some lace, lace edges,


The design sense is full, with the basic suspension skirt, the combination of basic models + design models, stylish and high -level.

The cardigan does not choose the basic black and white, and replaced with blue, yellow and other bright cardigan, which is also very eye -catching. It can also focus on the upper body, which is even higher. At this time, the inner suspender skirt should be selected to avoid messy colors. In one match, 70 % of the basic colors + 30 % bright colors, the main and secondary, the matching is more beautiful.

The most complete strategy of the cardigan + suspender skirt is shared here. When you match, you can learn more!