As the saying goes, “Spring covering autumn freezing”, so even if it is already spring, dressing is still mainly kept warm. Among the many cold items, cotton clothing is more warm, and it is afraid of the choice of clothing that cold stars ca n’t have less in winter.

Not only do we ordinary people do not do without cotton clothes in winter, but even female stars. And the shape of the get off work is not like the luxurious on the screen. Very grounded conforming to the public’s wearing beauty, but it does not affect the sexy display, so it is worthy of our learning.

Zhao Liying’s attitude towards winter is very serious. She wears a short cotton clothing with a large scarf.


Zhao Liying pays great attention to keeping warm. The cotton clothing with a scarf is comfortable and casual. The Neighbor Totoro in her hand has a girl’s heart. The combination of cotton clothes and scarves is pragmatic and warm. In the combination of color matching, it also plays an eye -catching role. The basic short cotton clothes are suitable for her petite, and the combination of red plaid scarf also injects a very warm atmosphere into a dark shape.

The simple and non -messy shape is very overall. The more simple the color shape is, the more it highlights the personal fashion taste. Short cotton clothes with a strong sense of fluffy feeling have no very bloated feeling, but it brings a very delicate feeling, especially the advantages of the petite figure, and the round visual effect is stronger.

Although the dark cotton clothing is resistant to dirt and good match, it will also give people a very mature and stable feeling. For women with light mature age, it is very suitable for temperament characteristics. If you want to achieve the ideal age reduction effect, you must not have less. The accessories of accessories.

The red and black plaid scarf, very bright colors in line with the festive atmosphere of the festival. And the classic contrasting design also improves the visual impact, and naturally makes the shape look more eye -catching.

The matching of the scarf can improve the warmth of the shape, and at the same time, the face shape can be more delicate and small. Of course, when you choose the color of the scarf, you must combine the color of the cotton clothing to match and coordinate and have a sense of overall sense to enhance the taste of the shape.

Many people wear short cotton clothes and like to match wide -leg pants or jeans. Zhao Liying directly chose sports pants with higher comfort to better enhance the leisure of the shape. Anyone with leg type can easily control.


The choice of sports pants is also very particular. Although the too thick items are more warm, they will also wear a bit bloated. Therefore, women with petite figure or meat in the lower body must control the length of the pants. You cannot wear a very accumulated problem. The smoother the lines, the more it can play the effect of pulling the legs.

Regardless of the style of any style, the processing of details can play a bonus. The very textured brown schoolbag makes the leisure look more advanced.


The warm handbag in my hands also makes the dark shape more playful and cute, and it will play an age reduction effect without effort. Friends with a girl’s heart will naturally keep youthful vitality.


The simple shape does not mean simple and ordinary. Even if you only choose the basic color, you can also have a very eye -catching effect. Black and white contrasting color brings a strong visual impact, and at the same time, light colors are used in the upper body, and it also has the effect of improving the center of gravity.


The short lamb cashmere coat, with a black round neck sweater and sportswear, uses the short and lower long matching techniques to easily wear the sense of vision of long legs. It has a perfect figure proportion, which will also ignore the figure. shortcoming.

Although the small girl is not strong in figure, she has a smaller advantage than her peers. Therefore, you can choose a thicker shape to make the slender figure look well and plump, and the feeling of being very dry is naturally improved.


The white hoodie with milk tea -colored down jacket is full of warmth and eye -catching. Tailor jeans to show the lines of the legs. The small socks that show the color pattern also make the shape look more fashionable.