Practice step


1. Pick the enoki mushrooms to go to the pedicle for later use

2. Pick the enoki mushrooms one by one

3. Good enoki mushrooms are very fulfilled because this was taken out by my baby daughter himself

4. Add an appropriate amount of water to the pot to boil and simmer the container mushroom

5. When the water is boiling, the enoki mushrooms are almost simmered

6. Put the good enoki mushrooms immediately in cold water and shower

7. The cool enoki mushrooms control the water with a fence. The more dry the water control, the better the taste.

8. Cut the garlic and red peppers for later use

9. Pour the bottom oil in the pan and boil the red pepper into the frying incense

10. Put in the minced garlic and sauté.

11. Pour the fried minced garlic and red pepper oil into the enoki mushrooms that control the water

12. Put the prepared seasoning in the enoki mushrooms and mix well

13. The mixed enoki mushroom has smelled the fragrance

14. Put the mixed enoki mushrooms into the plate

15. Decoration with green leaves is more attractive

16. Before I installed the plate, my baby had not controlled it secretly for several sips, and secretly remosive it!

17. You will come to a few sets of enoki mushrooms.

18. My answer will not be satisfied with how to eat it

19. Let’s get a dozen beer will be more refreshing