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As a giant in the hard disk market, Seagate’s own products are constantly pushing new products, and at the same time, the product line is also expanding. In the USB 3.0 era, Seagate launched a series of desktop hard disks by this boom. Seagate EXPANSION Xinrui Wing 3.5 -inch (5TB) is a desktop hard drive with a USB3.0 interface. It adopts a new shape design and has a more delicate texture. At the same time, the USB 3.0 interface is standard, which is more high and stable in transmission. At present, Amazon’s overseas purchase is only 761 yuan. The actual price of the product and the latest promotional information are subject to the actual e -commerce website.

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Seagate EXPANSION Xinrui Wing 3.5 inches (5TB)


海量储存 希捷新睿翼5T移动硬盘761元


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As a new product of the Ruiyi series, Seagate EXPANSION’s new Ruiyi 3.5 -inch (5TB) uses a new design and new upgrade. It uses a stylish diamond shell, frosted, and has a delicate texture and non -slip performance. Its size is 176 × 120.6 × 36.6mm, weighing about 0.95kg, and the size and volume are controlled very well. In addition, the foot pads are used to use non -skids to protect precious data at all times. It also uses a USB3.0 interface, and the data transmission speed is quite fast.

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Seagate EXPANSION Xinrui Wing 3.5 -inch Series


海量储存 希捷新睿翼5T移动硬盘761元


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Seagate EXPANSION Xinrui Wing 3.5 inches (5TB)