First here, I don’t really say that I will tell you a particularly important thing, I want everyone to know. After the New Year, I received a tea gift from each relative. Why did you find that more and more are packaging tea packages with exquisite iron boxes? Here I want to tell you that the iron box packaging is that you don’t know at all! I believe you will often find it in the supermarket or some high-end boutiques, good, valuable, health products are almost in iron box packaging? Especially today Xiaobian prepares the tea packaging, but also the most iron box iron cans and packaging products. For the moment, a delicate iron box packaging can be more attractive to consumers, and a variety of printed patterns and rich color matching can make people’s hearts. Let’s talk about the iron box packaging of tea:

Tea iron can

First, the tea must be properly stored and keep fresh. Because too much calories, smell, moisture, air, light irradiation, you can always change your tea characteristics. A airtight container is a necessary means of preserving tea, which should be stored in a dark, no odor, no moisture environment. The room temperature will not have much impact on most of the tea. The packaging will affect the tea leaves. This iron box packaging can ensure the freshness of tea, and the sealing is relatively larger than the wooden box plastic packaging bag.

Second, tea iron box packaging design can be designed in different samples, and people will pay attention to picking iron box packaging, in order to cater to the value of the product, different types of iron box packaging can be designed. For example, the tea iron box is diverse in the color pattern, and the shape size is also designed to be personalized. Including long, square, round, shaped, these packaging can design mold production according to customer requirements, tea iron box gift package design can also be customized according to different purposes, holidays, national culture and other elements. Tea iron box produces LOGO, product information, company information display during printing process, and seizes consumer psychology while improving the brandlet of enterprises.

Third, the high-quality tea iron box surface is a relatively smooth, no impurities, no foreign matter, and touch the smooth sliding induction, the iron box print, the surface is clear, the layout is clear, the layout is clean, the text is clear, there is no deformation, no deformation, There is no set of printing, no shaving, ink is not burnt, no impurities and so on. The surface of the tea iron box should not be stains left by the surface of the iron box, there is no impurities in the iron box, foreign matter, in order to prevent damage to the secondary scraping, each iron box should be packaged with PP plastic bags. Effectively guarantee the quality of the iron box packaging.

Fourth, we all know that green tea can be stored in the refrigerator for a long time, as long as there is no water in the stored tea contains a relatively high proportion of water (about 6%), freezing will change the quality of tea. Instead, keep your tea, refrigerated, away from strong smell, especially coffee and spices. The tea iron box will warm up to room temperature (15-30 minutes), and then open the tea iron box. If immediately open, the water in the air will condense in tea. You may have noticed that we use simple tea iron box packaging to keep our tea fresh. The packaging of the tea iron box is very suitable for short-term storage (generally 3-6 months). Application, they will prevent odor, oxidation and moisture.


Tea iron box

Through the above four points, I believe that the readers should know some secrets about the tea iron box packaging, and quickly share friends who love to drink tea, so that he or she can feel your / her Good!嘿嘿 … Not only that, the tea is made, it is necessary to carry out the seal, if it is long-term exposed, it is easy to affect the quality of the tea, because the tea is also a packaging in the food iron box, because it is a food, here we It is more important to pay more attention to the quality of tea iron box packaging. Therefore, the friends also need to consider the sealing effect when choosing a tea packaging box. The quality of the iron box packaging is more considered!


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