Among us, a large number of people buying bedding is such an attitude: casually, anyway, just use it at night when you sleep, buy a cotton, this is a typical not understanding bedding, not understanding bedding, sleeping for sleep, sleeping for sleep. importance.


Actually, do you only know? A good set of bedding has a great impact on sleep.

Bedding affects sleep proportion of 40%

The wetting and breathability of bedding, contact and warmth, and thermal insulation performance are the key to affecting sleep. I can’t sleep in the evening of winter. Except for physiological and psychological problems, the temperature and humidity in the bedroom and bedding does not reach the ideal state. Therefore, the proportion of bedding affects sleep has reached more than 40%.

Mei Zi Blue active printing four -piece suit

The troubles of winter, in addition to the cold weather, there is still ubiquitous static electricity. The most important thing for the demand for bedding in winter is to keep warm and love, and to fight the annoying static electrostatic. Cotton beds can meet these needs well.

Meizi blue Khmer cotton craft quilt

Because cotton fiber is a bad conductor of heat and electricity, the thermal conductivity coefficient is extremely low, and because the cotton fiber itself is porous, it can accumulate a large amount of air, and the air is a bad conductor with heat and electricity. Therefore, pure cotton textiles have good warmth. And anti -static.

Meizi blue long velvet cotton language four -piece set

Four -piece selection tips for autumn and winter:



When choosing four -piece set, you need to touch it. Only by touching skin -friendly and soft bedding can you give a good sleep. The rough bedding will greatly reduce the sleep experience.




The mainstream material is polyester, cotton, and silk (mulberry silk). It is ranked according to comfort and price: True Silk> Cotton> Polyester. For cotton bedding, the higher the yarn counters, the higher the density, the softer.

Printing and dyeing process

There are four pieces of printing. It is recommended to choose active printing, and the coating printing is also easy to fade.

Among the four -piece material, cotton is the most common. Among them, the pure cotton products made of natural cotton are the most friendly to the skin. Children and the elderly are most suitable for this material.


In the autumn and winter seasons, in addition to cotton, you can also choose the bedding of active hair fabrics to add furry warmth. As a high -end combed cotton, the active grinding fabric is dyed first, and then the superb hair grinding process, the feel feels feelings, feels the feel feelings Very soft, rich in texture, strong hanging sense, easy care, and not old in color. (Shandong Zhucheng Meizi Blue Home Textiles) In autumn and winter, it is very comfortable to use the bedding of wool fabrics.