Internet celebrities who are popular all over the world

A latest survey on the Internet shows that 36.0%of the interviewed netizens believe that they are overweight, of which nearly 70%have tried or are willing to try to lose weight.

Especially contemporary women are far beyond our imagination.


Another survey shows that among all the women interviewed, 85.0%are dissatisfied with their own shapes, and as much as 88%of those who are too thick in their waist and abdomen.

Therefore, every year to spring and summer, weight loss must be a hot topic.

The advertisements for weight loss products that followed were also flying.

Many women who want to have a slender figure feel that it is too slow to lose weight and shape the diet through exercise and controlling diet, so they have been planted into the pits of various weight loss products.

For example, the Internet celebrities who have been on fire in the past two years.

Regardless of domestic and foreign, up to Internet celebrities, female stars, and ordinary people, as if overnight, everyone was planted by this kind of waist that can be worn by wearing it.

Even walking on the street can see many people wearing out.

Some time ago, there was a video of station B the video of station B, saying that after giving birth to a baby, I wore this kind of movement for a week and found that I was leaking with urine.

What is even more shocking is to go to the hospital for examination and the doctor said:

“You don’t leak urine, you are swollen out of the vaginal wall and drooping internal organs.”

Many people are doubtful, but for a postpartum mother who has just given birth to a child, this is not alarmist.

Due to childbirth, postpartum mothers are damaged by the bottom muscles of the basin, and the pelvic floor muscles are suffered from the internal organs.


Once you use an artificial external force like a waist to squeeze the abdominal wall, the probability of leakage and visceral sagging will greatly increase.

I used to be like a lot of people. I think this kind of net red product is generally used by young women who love beauty. It should be just a small number of people.

But when I opened a shopping software and entered keywords, I was shocked.

A monthly sales of only one store can be as high as nearly 10W.

There are fewer sales in sales, without exception, there are hundreds of thousands of comments, and customers cover all ages.

The net red weight loss products such as the waist are really not far from us.

It is likely that it is lurking with its loyal fans.

Net red’s waist marketing scam

After watching the products of several stores, the functions of publicity are similar. In addition to thin waist, there is a bunch of additional effects.

What improvement, postpartum repair, correcting pelvic, and so on.


It was blown to a small ceiling, no wonder countless girls couldn’t carry its temptation.

But in fact, the waist is harmful and has no benefit. What repair the correction function is purely flicker.

1. Burning the abdomen of the lipstick

Let’s first understand the mechanism of its propaganda:

Increase the temperature of subcutaneous fat, make the blood circulation faster, accelerate the decomposition of fat oxidation, increase the speed consumption speed of subcutaneous fat, and greatly improve the effect of exercise fat reduction.

In other words, it is to achieve local fat reduction by heating.

Is it very familiar, and the once -popular plastic wrap is also the principle.

In fact, fat cannot be decomposed by heating at all, and only moisture is lost when heating up.

What is the fat on the waist?

2. There is a sense of fullness to reduce appetite

The digestion of food relies on two aspects. One is the physical digestion of chewing and gastric motility, and the other is the chemical digestion of gastric juice and bile digestive fluid.


When the stomach is squeezed by the waist and tightly holding it, the stomach moves slowly, and it is difficult to digest food.

Everyday is indigestion, of course, people can’t eat things.

After a long time, it will only affect digestive function, and it will allow you to reflect the esophagus.

3. Tighten fat and shape the body curve

Making fats tighter, this statement itself is funny.


We know that fat and muscles are two different substances, and they cannot transform each other.

A part of the body is tightened and tightly connected, which is the result of muscle production. No matter how you squeeze the fat, it will not become smaller or less.

By the waist to make the waist thinner, in fact, the waist is only deforming the waist, squeezing fat, internal organs, and ribs.


The short waist time may just be a little uncomfortable and affect the blood circulation. After you take it off, the waist immediately becomes back to the original shape.

Long -term visceral and bone deformation, edema and numbness of the lower limbs.


It is no different from the wearing collar of the long -necked feet.

4. Postpartum repair, improve postpartum relaxation

There are really many, many postpartum mothers like this kind of waist.

The merchant claims that wearing a beam waist can make the abdominal rectus muscle that is separated and turns into a healthy abdominal rectus muscle, which is conducive to postpartum recovery to tighten the abdomen.

But in fact, just like that UP master, postpartum mothers wear this kind of waist, which is much greater than normal people.

If the postpartum really occurs such as the separation of the pubic bone, it needs to be corrected under the guidance of a doctor.

5. Protecting the core of the lumbar spine and abdomen is a good partner for sports and fitness

The starting point of the sports waist is good. Borrowing external forces to provide strong support for the core area of ​​the waist and abdomen to play a role in stabilizing the lumbar spine.

However, if you wear a waist exercise for a long time, it will only make the core muscles become more and more weak, leading to the atrophy of the muscle, and there is no way to maintain the stability of the spine.


In the end you may walk unstable.

6. Improve your posture, sexy back

When wearing a waist, many people feel that their backs are upright, and they take it for granted that long -term wearing can improve their posture.

In fact, through the waist, the waist and abdomen are tightened, which is equivalent to the forcibly correction of external forces. Once it takes off the waist, it will immediately restore the original body.

The waist will only make you breathless and affect the breathing of the diaphragm. After long -term use, you have to shrink your neck shrugging, causing a round shoulder and head to extension, but it will affect your body.

And all this, as long as the merchant lets the well -being of the Internet celebrities and actresses send a picture of wearing a beam of waist, countless women believe in it and take the initiative to give them money.


This is why the UP owner of station B is just sharing personal experience, but it is threatened by the personal threat of businesses after another.

For a waist marketing scam, the merchants made a full body, but our ordinary people lost their wives and folded their soldiers to pay a heavy price for health.

The truth behind the net red’s waist

This kind of slimming product brought by Internet celebrities seems to be foreign and tall, but it is just a bad habit left by the feudal remaining in the European century.

The waist originated in the European court. At that time, the women at the time became a trend in order to pursue a funnel shape and shape the beauty of women’s curves.

Even in the Victorian era, the thinner waist, the higher the status.

In many classic old movies, we can see this cruel scene.

But this kind of beauty is morbid, the persecution of women’s bodies, just like the bad habits of ancient Chinese feet.


Many medieval women are infected because of their waist, and they die in severe cases.

In the 19th century, there were many incidents of death caused by the waist: the ribs were over -pressure, which broke the liver.

Now, many people with clusters have suffered huge devastation on their bodies.

Just searching on the Internet is all kinds of questions that have health problems due to a waist, chest tightness, decreased digestive function, drooping internal organs …

In order to maintain thin waist and hips, African Ghana actresses basically wear tight bands.


But in 2016, she caused kidney damage to the hospital for treatment.

In order to create an hourglass -shaped figure, Michele, a thin waist enthusiast in Germany, wore a waist except for bathing.

First of all, digestion is affected and cannot eat normally. You can only eat a dozen meals a day.

After 3 years, although the waist is 10 cm, health problems such as visceral deformation, muscle atrophy, and skin relaxation also occur.

Women have spent hundreds of years that can hardly get rid of the damage to the waist, and now it is popular again. What is the difference between this and we wrapped their feet again, it is simply the backstur of the times.

For this pathological beauty, the cost of paying healthy and even life is not worth it.

How can we cope with figure anxiety

One is the key reason why the waist is popular all over the world is that the anxiety of people’s figure is becoming more and more serious now.

Whether it is a female star with only eighty or ninety pounds on the screen, or in reality, the whole people will lose weight, you will find that the whole society is pursuing thinness.

But most people want to have a good figure, and they can’t do their own self -discipline as female stars. These products that claim to lose weight without exercising can lose weight and lose weight.

In fact, it is understandable to pursue beauty and pursue a good figure. Sister Kapok not only does not oppose it, but will encourage every woman to do this.

But the premise is that we are to please ourselves.


Instead of getting fat, you will be laughed at, because your partner likes a thin body or just follows the trend, these reasons for you to lose weight passively.

If you can accept your less thin body shape, you can maintain the status quo, and you don’t have to force yourself to integrate this kind of thinness as the beauty. How to live happily.

Because the beauty of the world must be diverse.

If you really want to manage your figure, then the first step is to dispel your shortcut.

Hold your mouth, open your legs, and be a self -disciplined person is the only truth that has long maintained a good figure for a long time.

Of course, everything is too late, I hope you will always remember:

It is true beauty not to sacrifice health.

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