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On November 4, the 4th China International Import Expo opened in Shanghai. The picture shows the mascot “into the treasure” outside the exhibition hall. Jiang Yushi photo (people vision)

In the fourth income of the Expo Auto Zone, visitors visited the Apollo Super Sports. Reporter Qiu Haifeng photo

In the fourth year of entering the Fair Food and Agricultural Products Hall, all kinds of fruit is full of dazzling. Jiang Yushi photo (people vision)

In the fourth income of the Expo Consumer Products Area, visitors experience toy cars in Lego booths. Reporter Qiu Haifeng photo

“This product is too good, it has not been adventive” “I have signed a big list” “I have to buy a little more” … Since the opening of the Excelle, the venue has been boiled, the venue is full of excitement These sounds can often be heard.

Buy worldwide, sell the world, benefit the world, in the “Global Purchase” scene of the Expo, negotiate cooperation, sign orders, “buy buy” becomes the main melody. In the “four-leaf grass”, consumers are enthusiastic, and China’s large-scale market is extremely strong.

More “green”, more “smart”, more personal

With the improvement of living, the “shopping cart” of the people is constantly expanding and upgrading. At this year’s entry, exhibitors have batch a large number of new technology, new products, and docking consumers’ increasing consumer demand.

Consumption is more green – in the Shanghai reshaping technology booth, a 49-ton fuel cell smart card-Sing Sok-Singing No. 1 with Prisma Mirror Star products is a highlight. “The car is equipped with 12 bottles of 70 MPa car hydrogen storage system. In actual operation, only 10 minutes of hydrogen is only 10 minutes.” Lin Qi, chief executive official Lin Qi, and “we look forward to it” Borrowing the International Cooperation Exchange Grand Opportunity for the Everbright, providing better and reliable green dynamic solutions for customers in China and the world to meet the green consumption needs. “

Products are more intelligent – at this session, Germany Kach brought new third-generation AI intelligent cleaning robot KiRab 50. “During the research and development, the Carh R & D team uses advanced intelligent cleaning technology to fully explorate the demand for China’s consumer market, cooperate with the top visual navigation system team, through local research and development and production, to create this cutting-edge business AI smart cleaning product. It is a card Herzen China depth cleaning market, intelligent cleaning tools exclusively developed by Chinese consumers. “The person in charge of the company said.

Customized more fine – from milk chocolate to dark chocolate, from ice cream to dessert ice cream, consumer taste varies to refract demand upgrade. In the Everbrightn Booth, there is a high-end ice cream brand of nearly a hundred years of history, Italian national treasure chocolate brand Baci brings different experiences of consumers. In the face of consumers, Jiangnie, senior vice president of candy and ice cream business in Nestlé, said that the company has launched a different kind of product line, which is designed to select health, high-end raw materials, Meet consumers’ personalized, differentiated needs.

Will 1000 broth go home one-time? The L’Oreal Exhibition San Roland Smart Portsman means “I can”. This “lipstick printer” developed based on PERSO artificial intelligence system can “print” personalized lip color for consumers. L’Oreal North Asia District President and China CEO Fuburry said that personalization is a new trend of consumption. “Thanks to the power of technology, we can build bridges between consumers and their products that can be obtained, and tap new consumption potential.”


Pay more attention to localization – Tiger pillow, peony mattress … IKEA’s first launched a “Chinese New Year” Kundig Series of China’s New Year in this year’s entry. “Consumers’ wishes and their home life demand are our starting point.” Rairi, vice president of retail sales in China said in an interview with reporters, China is one of the most important markets of IKEA. While developing with China, IKEA continues to witness the inheritance and innovation of Chinese culture and consumption lifestyle.

Add a firewood to the consumption upgrade


“Double 11” is that the Expo is the biggest “global purchase” site, and the heat is not more than. The “procurement list” of major procurement groups involves equipment manufacturing, energy resources, food agricultural products, daily consumer goods and other areas, and adding a firewood to optimize domestic supply and consumption upgrade.

In the morning of November 5, the opening of the business exhibition of the Expo Enterprise is only 1 hour, and the Shanghai Trading Group is 700 million US “first single” has been born. Then, Jinan City, Shandong Zhongke Electric Power Co., Ltd. and Denmark Distas Group realized the transaction, signed a wind turbine, a total of 70 million US dollars, becoming the fourth-year transfer group Shandong Province First order. On November 6th, Henan Province has sold 49 billion yuan “big single”, as well as “buyers” such as Guangxi, Zhejiang, Anhui, etc.

At the Expo, the Chinese Trading Group “Buy Buy” is not stopped, and the cooperation between enterprises is closer, rich in domestic consumers’ “shopping cart”.

On November 7, Heng Natural was invested in the Expo booth to start the latest imported Anjiaxue cow milk, and signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the box horse and China Southern Airlines cross-border logistics. This fresh milk achieved the difference between the fair zero poor “exhibits”, the same day has been sold in Shanghai, Hangzhou box.

“In the past year, the number of goods in the box, the number of goods in the box increased nearly 50%, of which dairy products, beef and other categories have grown rapidly. The strategic cooperation is also the first time I will enter the Asian market for the first time in Heng Natural New Zealand Ranch.” Xiao Road, general manager of Commodity Brand Center, said to reporters, “From ‘global buy’ to ‘global customization’, the box horse not only brings overseas quality goods, but also for Chinese consumers” good items. “


Baidu Health and Gelanmie Congcheng cooperated, both sides will prevention as a pilot of herpes zoster diseases, carry out precision disease science education, and jointly promote the construction of China’s preventive health management system. Yang Minghao, general manager of Baidu Health, said: “We hope to pass this cooperation, effectively help the middle-aged and elderly people to improve disease prevention knowledge, which is the health of the whole people.” General Technology Group and Philips, Phelps Daoqi, Siemens, Poetry Rubber, etc. The company reached procurement cooperation in medical equipment, commodities, technical equipment, electronic consumption and living consumption, and the purchase amount exceeded 1 billion US dollars, doubled than last year.

Into the Expo is not only a meeting to negotiate, but also attracts the attention of many off-site consumers. “Although I can’t get into the Expo, I can enjoy it into Boi.” Shanghai residents said, “Now, more imported goods come to the door, want to buy I can buy it! “

“Implementation of the Chinese Consumer Market.” Zhang Min, Executive Dean, Shanghai University, Professor, Shanghai University, said that the increase in imported commodities will drive consumption concept, increase consumer product door, and promote consumption upgrade with a benign circulation.


I am optimistic about China’s “like a large market”

Consumption is an important engine that pulls economic growth and is also an important support to meet the needs of the people. The deputy director of the Ministry of Commerce and the deputy of the International Trade Negotiation of the International Trade Negotiation introduced in the Hongqiao International Economic Forum, held in the Forum, and the total retail sales of China ‘s social consumption increased from 20.6 trillion yuan in 2012 to 39.2 trillion yuan, 8 years. Close double, becoming the second largest consumer market in the world.

“Over the years, we have actively adapt to the consumption upgrade trend of residents, adhere to the high level of opening up to the domestic international market, and promote the smooth and healthy development of consumption, it can be said that the consumption is not only providing strong support for the Chinese economy, but also provides powerful for the world economy. Power. “Wang said.

Annual Office, new year. “Four Lee” not only carries consumers’ expectations for a better life, but also the concept of China’s consumer market has become an important part of the global market.

“China has always been the vitality of national expansion business opportunities.” Paul Du Jaysen, president of Denmark Grandfu Group, “China provides a continuous driving force for the world economic development. We hope to participate in China’s high-quality development , Achieve more mutual benefit results. “

Bukkakanov, deputy director of the Kazakh Trade Policy Development Center, believes that once a year, the Expo will provide a great opportunity for Kazakhstan manufacturers to display domestic products and enter the Chinese market. “Kazakhstan is a country that has no okay. For us, China is a big market in the same sea.”

Ferbury also said that many of L’Oreal’s inspiration originates from China. China’s new development pattern helps “bring the best thing in the world to China, and this at the same time, China’s innovation is not only for ourselves, but also the world.”

Enter the hot sign from the Expo, let the German Ruyi Home Development Director Constantin’s confidence is full. Next, he intends to move all the factory to China, working with more intermediaries, nursing homes, and local governments to provide better space solutions for Chinese families. “Despite long-distance trek, I have to isolate for a while, but these are worth it compared to the benefits of participating in the Expo!” (Reporter Kongde)

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