Spring willow green flowers red, tea with red velvet. Spring is here, everything is recovered, the onion is depressed, your dining table follows the spring? The taste of the broth is always adding a fresh fresh, delicate broth tea powder is like magic powder, and the dessert can make the dessert to show another taste and feel. If you are a tatchao, then make this small fresh fresh. Fang Zi reference @ zero zero baked, minus sugar content.


BY yanx520c




Egg liquid 245 grams

70 grams of milk


110 grams of fine sugar


Butter 45 grams

Low gluten flour 160 grams

2 grams of tea powder

2 grams of red curmes

Accessories: yogurt, Olio biscuits, yellow peaches, Nestle grains cereal, finger biscuit, blueberry fruit


Practice steps

1, butter + milk insulation water melting.


2, the egg liquid is poured into the eggs, add fine sugar, and put a large basin equipped with 80 degrees of hot water.


3. Take out after hitting the foam with an electric eggbeater, and the color is shallow, and 8 words can be clearly drawn and keep it a few seconds.

4, screened into low-gluten flour twice, mix evenly.

5, pour the butter milk liquid, the liquid is not hot.


6, mix evenly, do a good job.

7, take two small bowls, add a small amount of cake to the bowl. The red and smear powder and the tea powder are plugged in a single warmth, and the paste is mixed with the cake and put it into the silk flower bag.

8, the mold brushes a thin butter, and the cake paste into the mold 8-9.

9. Put it in a preheated oven in the lower layer and bake 180 degrees for 20 minutes. Grilled cakes take out to cool down, decorate.

10, finished product

11, finished product



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