Woman bells red, man loves to lighter.

The lighter in the man’s hand is more than just a ignition tool, but also a symbol of its taste.

The lighter carrying it is exposed to some of our small details.


Think about a man who is handsome, tall and straight, but it turns a 2-piece plastic lighter with a variety of “well-known” advertisements …


Not only do women don’t like women, men will secretly poke … um …


Now I recommend a texture, “Hands and Disabled” turns, and there is no pressure-free finger – Golden monkey, let you be probably expensive, and people are not sinned.


“Pure Electric” double arc fire, safe and stable and windproof

This fingertilot is used by a double arc’s fire. Its biggest advantage is safe and stable.

The ordinary lighter is lie against the flammable gas such as butane.

The boiling point of -0.5 ° C, every summer is worried, it is worried that it will blow in the trousers.

The arc lighter does not have this problem, is “pure electric”, by increasing the voltage to generate high frequency voltage, breaking down air to generate a high temperature arc to ignite.

And it is still a double line ignition, the dual arc is more stable, and the firepower is more feet. Real, it is not an open fire, but it is enough to rapidly ignite the paper, candles and other flammable materials.


In the use of safety, and it is simply a bull socket of the fire world!

Double arc, non-fire, free gas, not only more environmentally friendly, but also more windy. Xiaobian drives the fan to the greatest, and it is like a bit.

Still not afraid, accidentally do it, fell 3 times on the ground, and still intact.


Its fire is very stable, and Xiaobian takes it for 30 consecutive times, no one is can’t play.


Unzip more fun fingers, cool color light 18 transformations

I don’t know if you have been playing a pen, it is just unbeatable for people who will turn pen.


However, after this fingertorh, no need to envy.

The ball bearing of this finger gyro is very smooth, turning lasting and smooth. Take it in your hand, after 30 seconds, I have begun to have a tendency to have a tendency.

I often take it in the hand and turn it very decompressed.

Going while working,


Try the advanced gameplay.

Anyway, it is now turned into the headphones of the hand, the headset, electricity, and the mobile phone, called my “three security sources”.

Cool LED lantern, 18 pattern transformations


It can only be turned enough, it also has an LED light, which can convert 18 different patterns.

Tap once, the LED light is turned on, and 18 patterns randomly transform.

Press 2S to turn off the LED light.

The addition of the LED light makes it more meaningful than the simple finger gyro, it is very suitable for the time when it is bored.

USB charging repetition, full of fire 60 times

As we said this fingertorker is pure electric, then it is inevitably rechargeable (or if it is too rogue).

It uses a USB 2.0 interface, and a charge line is given.

Whether it is a computer, car or socket, you can charge it as long as you can have a USB jack.


When the charge is charged, the LED light will lit, and the entire charging process is also bright.

The LED is filled off.


It takes more than 60 minutes of time, and full of 3S is almost 50-60 times each time.

There is also a little almost forgot to say that it is automatic power-saving protection, even if you have been switching, about 6s will stop, save electricity.

Scrubilator mirror, super color is rich


It has two styles of mirror and scrub, and the mirror has a very quality gloss, and the matte is low, which is very expensive.

Color choices are also very rich, dazzling, low-key black, quality blue, elegant gold, high yin … No matter what kind of temperament, you can find a color to match you.


Its color is plated with paint technology. If you don’t touch the sharp object, you can use it every day, put it in your pocket, and it is not easy to drop.

From the color to the work, fire from the arc to the fingers, which is all revealed with advanced texture, environmentally friendly and safe.


Foot and have a personality, the safety stability is very high, and the cool pattern can be decompressed, enough personality.

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