Usually most male finishing is more lazy, many people replace the underwear, but it is too lazy. Some male compatriots can wear a week, more, and the spirit of “New Three Years, Old Third Friend, Sewing and Troching and Three Years” to replace the underwear. So,

How long should men replace the underwear? What happens to change the underwear?

How long does it take to change your underwear to help men’s health?

All things have life, and underwear is no exception, and the life of underwear is still relatively short. This is about the health of your private, it can’t be sloppy.

If possible, you can change your underwear two days, so that you have both laid your life, and also protect your external genitalia’s health and hygiene. In fact, the men’s underwear is better for a day, wearing a day in the morning, come back at night, cleaning, change a new underwear next day. In this way, it is more reasonable.

In general, the use of higher frequency pants, it is best to lose the old replacement for three months. However, the longest can not exceed half a year. Of course, during this period, if the underwear is found, the material is hard, and the stain is not cleared, it will be replaced in time.

Man wearing 4 underwear is easy to learn

1. “Three Points” Tips: Testicular Separation

For men, the biggest benefit of three points is to fully secure their private parts. But this tight “dressing” function often leads to the temperature regulatory function of the testicles being greatly weakened, and the ambient temperature surrounding the testicles increases, hinders the testis of the testicles. In addition, the blood supply is blocked, and the fragile sperm will be destroyed, seriously endangering fertility, so that the male compatriots lose as the ability to Dad.

2. “Light” pants Tip: The crude legs are prohibited

Just like a traditional cheongsam, this underwear is basically the kind of easy-to-light type. In order to make the legs, this weeping is often used. However, the high-rise starting point in men’s underwear is in fact, but in order to take care of the husband. Men prefer to tend to buy the underwear of the legs, so the manufacturer still designs the half-high panties in the bag, and it is more suitable.

3. “Dew” pants Tip: With low waist jeans


It seems that this problem seems to be a topic we are most concerned. My friend asked me how the trend was to wear because I saw some male songs. My opinion is that the trend can’t be born. If you feel that you can’t justify this wear, and there is no underwear with low waist jeans. Although they are more contained than traditional tribes, they can’t be cheaper because of the trend.


4. “Full Corner” Tip: Select your own

It may be in our past consciousness, it is considered that the four-pole pants can reduce the binding and friction compared to the tribe, and remains refreshing, but if you choose a wide pants to achieve a refreshing purpose, then the kind of “really cool” uncle What is the difference between shorts? So tips everyone, choose the four-pool to try to fit, select the closeness of the cotton texture of the cotton texture, so that in suit, it is not bloated in suit. But in fact, the design of the current four-tied trousers is not perfect. Because wearing trousers, even if you compare the four-torn pants may still be rolled out in the trousers.

What should men choose to clean up underwear?

Careful choice of underwear color

There are many men pursue good-looking, they will buy a variety of colors underwear, even dark, in fact, the color is in this point, the dye is integrated into one in a variety of chemicals The hodgepodge has some toxicity. As for Taibai’s underwear, it is possible to increase a certain hidden danger because of overbearing, and increase the risk of allergies.

Men should have at least 10 underwear

1 week, 1 week, 1 day, one plus 2 in the weekend, and 1 as an emergency spare.

Men, large exercise, more often change

Men often need to work in outdoor work and more expensive men to prepare some spare underwear.

The underwear should be cleaned immediately after each pass.

Even if you only wear one night, you have to clean it. It is recommended that you have to replace underwear every day, especially in the summer, don’t exceed 2-3 days.

The underwear is best washed with hand

When cleaning is separated from the dress, try to use soap.

Don’t expose directly

After washing, don’t directly expose, put it in a cool place, then put it in the sun, otherwise the underwear is easy to hard, deformed.

The underwear is best placed separately

You can buy some specialized storage bags, or in a clean plastic bag, so that dust and bacteria, affect health.


Underwear must be properly sized

The underwear is neither too tight (the testicles are extruded, high temperature will affect fertility), nor will it be too loose (not enough support).

Different underwear selection occasion

The flat-angle pants is suitable for all kinds of occasions, which makes the male private parts have enough support, but when you sleep at night, you need to replace the loose four-corner underwear to make it breathable. You can also choose the four-corner tight panties, which can give the male privacy part, and it is suitable for various physical exercise.

Don’t wash more at the same time

Dirty underwear will carry a small amount of dung, causing a disease. A dirty underwear has 0.1 grams of bacteria, including Salmonella, Escherichia coli, etc., even if it is cleaned, drying, the above bacteria cannot be completely killed. If you washed multiplexed underwear at the same time, you may bring 10 million E. coli to the washing machine roller, and other clothing contaminated with water quality, which may cause the user’s eye to congest, skin itching, difficulty breathing.

Don’t wear exterior pants without wearing underwear

Although the people wearing, although they feel that the lower body is very loose, especially in the hot summer, there are many men who only wear a loose beach pants outside, but it will not only make the possibility of lightning, but also make the fragile part easier Friction of cloth.

other questions


Once the underwear has a small hole, small cracks and subtle wear, yellow, or exudes the odor, it is necessary to throw it away immediately, and replace it once a year.