As the cooking space, the kitchen will have more fumes, so the hood is an indispensable electrical appliance in the kitchen; and when choosing a hood, there is a common smoke hood, side Such choices for suction hoods and integrated stoves, as ordinary home renovations, facing these options, it will inevitably make some difficult choices. Below I will talk to you from the perspective of the design!

1, beautiful consideration: top suction> side suction> integrated stove

From aesthetic perspective, I personally think that the top should look better, side sucking, the integrated stove is the least into my eyes, the reason is as follows:

1 top suction

After the top-absorbing hood is installed, if the hood is installed, the exposed part is only the operation panel. The main body of the entire hood is hidden in the cabinet, which will be more harmonious and beautiful.

2 side suction hood panel exposed

After the side suction hood, the main part is partially loaded into the chassis cabinet, the exposed part is mainly the side of the side, and this panel generally selects pure black tempered glass material, the appearance is also a comparative high-end.


3 integrated stove processes


The integrated cookt is integrated with a cookware and a hood (even disinfection cabinet). After installing, the tactile panel portion of the hood is exitted above the console, and the material of the integrated stove itself is generally inconsistent with the consistency. The impact is relatively large.


2, practical convenience: integrated stove> top suction ≈ Side suction

Practical perspective, you can use the experience of the use experience and storage, I will talk about the characteristics of all kinds of hoods:

1 The integrated stove can be accommodated

Above the integrated stove, there will be a small storage rack. Here you can place an accessories needed for vegetables such as oil vinegar. This location will be very easy to use, and it is more convenient to cook.

2 side suction, integrated stove can not be turned


Side suction and integrated stove, because the panel of the hood is close to the stove, therefore can’t be turned on when cooking, this is a bad cooking experience for “powerful” gourmet.

3 eye suction is easy to hit the head

The height of the tobacco, the height of the operating panel part is just similar to our body, and it is slightly not paying attention to the meal. If your height is relatively high, the top suction hood is a choice that needs to be careful.


3, clean easy: side suction ≥ integrated stove ≈ 顶


The hood is cleaned up, it is not easy. After all, it is a sticky oil, since it is not clean, then which kind of hood is cleaned up and more?

1 side suction sheet height is suitable for cleaning

Side suction hood’s panel, because it is oblique to the operating table, the height and angle are just good, so it will be more fun in it.

2 Integrated stove harvesting parts is not well cleaned

At the bottom of the hooker of the integrated stove, the part behind the stove is prone to the corner of the cleanliness.

3 suction needs to get over

The tower of the top-absorbing hood is a hooking stage, which is equivalent to the bottom of the chassis cabinet. This position cleaned up is the posture of the backhand, so it is not well cleaned.

4, the plan to integrate the cookt

Some special kitchen situations, only integrated cookies can be done, such as cutting the cabinet, the cooktop is above the hint cabinet.


1-windows hittage


If the kitchen’s apartment is relatively special, you need to install the stove in the window, then the ordinary top suction is unable to install! This situation can only be used in integrated stoves.

2 plastic cabinet above the stove

If the chassis cabinet is placed above the cookstore, the top suction and side suction hoods are also conflict and can only choose the integrated stove.


For comprehensive, from the perspective of beauty, practical and behavior, I personally feel that the side of the smoke is more suitable. Of course, the focus of each person is also different, and you can choose according to your needs and the actual situation.