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Have you heard of “four seasons”?


As the name suggests, this is a lazy shoe that can wear a year in four seasons.

Some people think that because of the temperature changes, many pairs of shoes have to be troublesome, if there is a pair of shoes, no matter when it can take it directly, it is not worried, it is very good.

According to the VTEX V20 team, the inspiration of this shoe is from NASA, the NASA, is the second generation of improvement, and now has more than 20 advanced features.

It is worth mentioning that its appearance is very stylish.

First of all, it is important to make the shoes for a long time, you can’t have a strong odor.

In response to this problem, V20 has made triple odor protection, and adds a deodorant that can effectively kill a bacterial, which is basically 99.9%.

These three odor protection are:

1, silver plating

V20 adds silver plated fibers in the inner layer of the shoe, which is also widely used by medical institutions and NASA.

Silver fibers can keep the area around the foot to prevent odor production.

Through technical assessment, V20 silver fiber protective assessment is divided into “surgical level”.

It is to know that the sweat and moisture in the shoes are a petri dish that causes odor bacteria, which can help bacteria to form a larger stronger colonies.

These are not survive, grow and reproduce on silver ions.

Silver ions will attract and crush their DNA, kill them before they have the opportunity to reproduce them.

Sterling silver was converted into silver compound by arranging the inner layer of V20 using SilverPlus (ie, silver fiber technology).

When the moisture is detected, the silver compound covering the shoe fibers can release the perfect amount of silver ions, which can block the blocking effect.

2, patent nanotechnology fabric

The fabric design of V20 not only allows air to circulate, but also maintains dry and comfortable, but also advanced patented technology, ie nanotechnology membrane technology.

This technology not only prevents moist, isolated bacteria, but also waterproof, anti-UV, windproof, sand-absorbing and anti-fouling.

It can be said that this shoe is difficult to contaminate and damage, the wear is too much, and it is not bad in the four seasons.

3, bamboo upper

This shoe has added bamboo insole and buffering memory bubble. It seems that two parts are very simple, but there is an irreplaceable role.

For example, bamboo can absorb moisture and odor while maintaining internal dryness.

The buffer memory bubble provides a comfortable support for the foot, just like a high-quality mattress in the shoe.

In addition, the surface of the entire shoe uses 3D knitted materials, it can achieve 360 ​​degree breathable, moisture absorption, ensuring the breathable breathable and dry, and feel high.


The most interesting thing is that you can recall the experience of jumping in the water in the rain in the rain? Stepping on the water will always wet.

Now, you can revisit those childhood memories, patent nanotechnology can prevent cold in any form, absolutely not seepage.

The V20 also has extremely high heat-resistant heat resistance, and the low temperature resistance to the ice water can be reduced by 20 degrees.

Summer is comfortable, winter can keep warm, rain and snow weather can still be dry, always maintain a perfect and comfortable temperature.

Due to the particularity of the shoes material, it can withstand a certain degree of stretching, and can also return to the original shape and will not be deformed.


It is also very suitable to wear very light, it is also suitable for outdoor sports.

It is a lazy artifact.