The area of ​​the kitchen is limited. In order to use the space of the kitchen wall to accommodate, there is a need for the use of the hook rack. How do the kitchen pendant racks choose? When buying a shelf, you can see the material with stainless steel. Or is plastic with other types of other types of kitchen pendant shelf material requirements?

First, how to pick the kitchen pendant shelf material requirements for the kitchen pendant

1, space aluminum

Space aluminum layout, very popular. It has the advantages of never resist, lightweight, not easy to leave water, and is cheap. Brand space aluminum products are very beautiful, the surface is gloss, excellent workmanship, high hardness. There are a lot of inferior racks, named “space aluminum”, essentially ordinary aluminum products. The appearance is stupid, the production is inferior, the hardness is not high, and it will be distorted. Brushed shine space aluminum brushed exquisite, highlights, no surgery, no handprint, stainless etching. Note: The space aluminum is not greedy, slightly higher, tens of dollars, you can purchase brushed shine space aluminum products.

2, stainless steel and carbon steel

厨房挂件置物架如何挑选 厨房挂件置物架材质要求

The welding taken by the stainless steel and carbon steel kitchen rack and the wall of the wall can be made according to the demand. The production method is relatively simple, but the quality depends on the personal craftsmanship of the production of workers. However, the shelf of this material is susceptible to the invasion of water vapor, easy to oxidize, and pay more attention to preservation. Among them, I want to remind everyone. Stainless steel racks are superior products with SUS304 stainless steel varieties, and the products of Brussels production process!

3, wooden rack

Wooden places are generally processed into solid wood boards, and only solid wood boards can have sufficient ability to compete. The way the production is also very simple, solid wood racks are environmentally friendly and very beautiful.

4, copper chrome plating

The material and chrome plating technology of the big brand are quite good, but the shape is also beautiful, but the price is relatively high, the ordinary copper chrome-plated products, must ask for a clear foot column when buying, the base is copper, if you can make a few layers of chrome It is better. The large brand of chrome-plated layers are generally 6 floors, inferior products, and the two or three layers of plating. 6 layers -8 layered chrome, bright surface, light silver light, not rust, two-ori-layer chrome-plated products, the appearance is not used for more than a year, and there is dim lightless, and the water is hard, oxidized, the oxidation point is like Ma Zi, The surface is vacuum-flapped. Therefore, buy copper-plated chromium plastics, must purchase all copper, and the surface chrome layer should be passed.

Second, the principle of installation of the kitchen settlement:

The first is: convenient, when installing the shelf, be sure to install the entire layout of the kitchen and the needs of our daily lives to install, the location should be selected, the location of the installation to use, must be used, there must be the place where we are cooking Not far away, in other words, we can reach yourself enough, and we can install or place the vacant part of the kitchen.

The second is: Save space, because the kitchen is relatively small in our family, so the installation of the rack must save space, reasonably use the location of our kitchen space, such as on the kitchen wall, kitchen door Behind it can choose.

The third is: Classification is clear, we have to put it in the kitchen utensils when resettlement racks, and the rack is a variety of diverse, like a knife gear, place the seasoning rack, drainage (mainly placement) The tray), etc., in accordance with their different categories in a reasonable location. The draining rack can be mounted next to the dishwashing tank, and the tool holder can be mounted on the corner of the stove, and the seasoning rack is close to the place where the cooked is.

How do the kitchen pendant racks? When choosing the kitchen pendant rack, it is recommended to consider more than the type, style design, installation, convenience, and kitchen-hanging shelf material requirements. Consideration. There are a lot of products in the kitchen pendant shelf. It is recommended to consider different types of products.