Dragon Ball world, this series Saiyan astronaut …

Because surrender to Freeza, so enjoy a very high level of technology! They are no longer of light Ding savage, but a variety of high-end super protective clothing! !

To keep them monotonous, protective clothing is diverse!

The first is Vegeta’s love, pure white models, with shoulder!

This is an early Vegeta’s standard, does look quite pull the wind, that is, think about it a bit silly, shoulder place simply do not protect, it is to pull the wind exclusively!

The interior lining is uniformly, that is, ordinary black tights, black tights if not, I am afraid we all have a light Ding!


The second style is the black style with hem to battle suit!

In addition to the standard configuration accidents, there are different shoes and gloves, which is above the stripes pay more laps! The effect is unknown, but for now, but also to pull the wind, nice purpose to add to!


So much combat service, Vegeta do not like the black, perhaps not in keeping with his love of clean Saiyan prince image of it! There are little over the top, do not like something impure


The third is a sleeveless design, like the white same vegeta


This dress looks capable of a lot more, Vegeta for such equipment is more like it, probably grew accustomed to wearing in the Earth life among his own request Bulma also manufacture such a battle suit for him !

Because of the equipment, I think the Earth Science and Technology has improved a lot ah!


Once again demonstrated several existing combat clothing styles

Also introduced the super-protective clothing performance, high defense, lightweight and flexible, can arbitrarily change the size, with the use to wear, and I feel very much like such clothes ah, would not have changed all day!

Comfort with Franklin’s words, is the same as the light!

There are also basic styles, white + hem style, with advanced combat helmets and weapons

I seriously doubt these people are fighting the average person is probably entirely the use of these powerful weapons to fight! You can send a powerful attack similar to the Kamehameha!

People have this equipment, there are at least a thousand combat it!


Similar overalls drawstring style, this new equipment is Vegeta! !

This is Bulma Vegeta personally produced, the color is still his preference for white, this really is Vegeta favorite color!