According to the British “Metro Daily” reported on the 26th, a man attempted to put the prescription drug into the bottle to kill the new baby has been sentenced to 25 years imprisonment.

British “Metro Daily” report screenshot

In June last year, Jamar Bailey, 21-year-old, was arrested by the British police. At that time, the three-week big baby became unburable, and was urgently sent to the hospital.

According to the report, this baby will survive, now being “protected”, but any long-term sequelae will wait until the child will grow up.

The investigator detected sodium proprogectate in the urine of the baby, which is a pharmaceutical component for treating epilepsy, which may be fatal. The police found evidence of drugs in the bottle, and found “How to Die Baby” and “How to Kill Newborn” on Bailei’s mobile phone.


It is reported that this man is taking the treatment of epileptic drugs, and has a prescription of a prophardic acid chrono, including sodium proprogectate.

The man from Birmingham Wenn Green was detained for allegedly hurting children, and he later admitted that murder did not.

Detective policeman, Kirsty Wilson, said: “This little girl is very fortunate to live, we are very happy that she is now very good now. Beiler’s behavior is premedy, it is easy to cause her death. Our The investigation is very complicated, depending on the support of medical evidence and cooperative institution, so we are satisfied with justice. “

The report pointed out that the man must serve two-thirds of the prison period of 25, and qualified to gain a hint. (Editor: SDY)