silly putty

Jan 01,2022

Discover the exclusive silly putty catalog at They are plastic-free toys, entirely safe for your kids and the environment too. silly putty are ideal for tactile experiences for your kids. The toys are also an excellent medium to enhance hand-eye coordination in growing children.

silly putty on are lightweight and easy to model. They are colorful toys, making kids understand color perception. They can be shaped into various forms to educate kids about distinct shapes. They also contain many stencils for crafting shapes like animals and flowers. The kids can create an array of amusing patterns using rollers and knives. They are also apt for enhancing fine motor skills in kids. The toys are reusable and can be modeled to anything that the kids fancy. This ensures a fresh experience for kids every time, and they never get bored with the toys.

silly putty allow children to visualize and transform that vision into something solid. The toys are non-sticky and give a good hand-feel to the kids. They channelize children’s energy and offer a calming experience. Also, they are easy to clean owing to their non-sticky nature. The toys are portable, making them ideal for play sessions whenever and wherever. And they are well-suited for solo and group play sessions. They are free of any sharp edges, ensuring children do not hurt themselves.

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