According to the latest data shared today, it is benefited from the continuous growth of IPAD sales throughout the 2020, and Apple continues to dominate the tablet market.

Apple’s iPad shipments in the fourth quarter of 2020 (equivalent to Apple 2021) were estimated to be 19.2 million, which was 40% over 13.7 million tablets expected in the fourth quarter of 2019.

When talking about the market share, Apple’s market share is 36%, almost twice the next nearest competitor Samsung market share. Samsung has 19% of market share and is estimated to be 9.9 million tablets at holiday quarters.


Amazon’s tablet shipments are estimated to be 6.5 million, the market share is 12%, and the shipments of Lenovo and Huawei are 5.6 million units and 3.5 million.


In 2020, the shipments of Apple Tablets were estimated to be 58.8 million units, which was 24% higher than the annual shipments in 2019. Samsung’s shipments were estimated to be 31 million, Huawei and Amazon were followed, 16.3 million units and 15.9 million units respectively.

Canalys also shared the forecast of the total shipments of PC, tablet and ChromeBook for the fourth quarter of 2020. According to this indicator, Apple is the second largest supplier in the world, and the equipment shipments are 26.4 million units, and Mac is in 2019. The total amount of shipments of IPAD increased by 42%.


In terms of tablets and personal computers, Lenovo is the world’s largest seller with shipments of 28.8 million units. HP ranks third in 19.3 million, Dell ranks fourth from 15.9 million, and Samsung ranks fifth with 11.5 million shipments.

The annual shipments of Apple iPad and Mac were estimated to be 8.14 million units, only 87 million units of Lenovo.