Is it easy to use without marks? how to use? No need to punched or hurt the wall structure, beautiful and practical

Many people are worried about affecting the beauty of the interior if they are punching on the wall. Now more families choose this kind of non -trace nail during decoration, which can not only satisfy the effect of the interior wall of the room, but also avoid the wall staying on the wall. Scene.

1. Let’s see what’s going on


Just renovated the wall, don’t use nails stupidly. There are currently popular nails, super strong gravity, no marks, and firm adhesion. It is widely used in metal, plastic, glass and other raw materials. Can repair glasses, toys, jewelry, hardware, stationery, etc. The key to drying a lot of clothing is invisible design, freely.

The tempered screws are fixed, seamlessly connected to the wall, and they are not afraid of falling. The material molecular density is high, the panel is hard and firm, and durable. Nail -free, not hurting the wall, lasting durability, and strong bearing capacity. Super penetrating ability can effectively receive signals. The volume of the four -block can be adjusted, and even the elderly can hear clearly. It has a relatively distinctive mountain -shaped wood grain, and the touch surface has a good texture, good toughness, and can be processed into a variety of bending shapes, which is quite beautiful.

Liquid nails, also known as nail -free glue, are a powerful multi -functional building structure with strong adhesion. As the name suggests, it is a new type of architectural adhesive material replacing nails. It can be used for the installation of indoor and outdoor building materials. There is no need to use electric diamonds, hammer, expansion nails and other tools during construction. It has the advantages of simple construction, no need to punch, no noise, no dust, can be filled with seam gaps, and can be adjusted during installation.

Nail -free glue is based on bonding positioning, such as the mirror on the wall, the same or different decorative materials. Both the new house and the renovation of the old house can be widely used. The most common are doors and windows, staircases and pedals, skirting lines, wall waistlines, gypsum lines, decorative boards, various decorative materials and stone materials. The surface of the substrate involves a variety of absorption and non -absorption materials such as wooden plates, ceramic products, metals, concrete, and stone.

The nail -free gum allows us to say goodbye to a nail era, making home improvement more convenient and beautiful. We must also pay more attention when buying nail -free gum. We must choose how high the brand and quality assurance are available. Everyone recommends a few very good nail -free gums to make your home improvement brighter!

How to clean up nail gum?

1. Use soap to add a little ammonia water and pine oil mixture to remove many dirt and make the glass surface more shiny.

2. You can take a dried cloth covered with vinegar to cover the entire place where the nail -free rubber is not marked. After the sticky stains of nail -free glue are completely soaked, you can remove it with a ruler.

3. When removing, whether it is used for light water or vinegar, it is necessary to make these supplies completely wet nail -free rubber marks in order to easily remove it.

4. You can also soften the adhesive glue with heating: blow the sticky gel with a hair dryer. When the adhesion of nail -free glue becomes weakened, it can be cleared easily. Wipe it with removing light water with nail polish.

5. Repeat adhesion with good adhesive transparent glue to remove the surface.

6. Scrape the colloid of the bonding site with a blade to peel off.

3. How do I perform interior decoration design?

1. We can choose to choose the decoration market in our own city. As long as you are patiently engaged in the price, you can do a good job. My own single floor saves thousands of prices because of its own price. There are many money, not to mention many projects.

2. As long as you have perseverance, you can find and learn online, so that you can quickly make your own design solution, and it will not be worse than the professional, because there are many online professionals. Look at such articles and information That’s fine.

3. You need to know how you need to decorate yourself, to determine what kind of design style of your family and you like. Some people prefer the design of the rural style, and some people’s Mediterranean style. Of course, more people like it. It is a European style, you can start with you.

4. Many people do not consider the furnishings and styles of furniture when decorating. This is also wrong. We should choose furniture according to our own room types, choose furniture according to the overall style of the decoration, and then we can find the same size as the size of your room for the size of the room for the same size for the apartment type for the same size of the apartment. refer to.

5. In fact, my experience after my own decoration is that the details that need to be followed by indoor decoration design are the installation of the switch socket. We must consider the height of the socket. In addition, whether the position of the socket is appropriate. Difficult.

When decorating the wall, we need to leave the skills and methods of decoration, pay attention to choosing the right decoration style, and the overall seems to coordinate the unified family to live more comfortable and convenient.

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