#What to wear today#



Hip skirt

For some girls, it is not a skirt that can be easily tried. Many girls think that the hip skirt is difficult to control. After all, such skirts are more picky about their figure and temperament. , But as long as you have some


Matching skills

, I am not so difficult to wear in the hip skirt, especially it is recommended

30+ women

Choose wide -leg pants in winter, it is better to choose a hip skirt,

Elegant and fashionable.


1) Bao hip skirt+boots

Long boots have been on fire in recent years. How good to choose to wear long boots in the cold winter seasons. In fact, it is very warm to wear. If some girls think that the hip skirt is too

Feminine charm

Then you can go to the big style and really have long boots, and the overall style will be excessive.


It will not make the deposit look too feminine. The two styles are matched together, which will interpret

Different fashion sense.

With suggestions:

For girls with thick legs, or girls with short legs, they are not suitable for trying boots, because if they are not well worn, they will expose the overall body defects.

The length of the boots changed.

for example:

You can choose short boots, or pointed boots to achieve

Slender and high

The effect, no matter what kind of shoes, depends on your own figure.

2) Bao hip skirt+neutral wind top

In the impression of many girls, the hip skirt is a very feminine item, and there is a little bit of a little bit

Occupational style taste

It always gives people a satisfactory feeling when wearing it, it is easy to wear out

An old -fashioned atmosphere

If you want

Avoid this.


Can go with one

Neutral wind lapel sweater

This kind of sweater can make the overall dress more age, and can make it more to wear

Vibrant youth.

If you feel the overall dress, it doesn’t look like


Exquisite and quality,


So it is recommended that fairies can choose silk hip skirts made of silk, the appearance of this skirt

The gloss is relatively strong,

The overall brightness is full, which will give people a very high -end feeling.

Material is also important.

3) Bao hip skirt+sunglasses

Can the hip skirt only match feminine? In fact, you can try a different style. Many girls think that the style of the hip skirt is fixed, but his overall style is to combine you in the wear

Some jewelry

In terms of the style, what is the style, so it

Style is not a fixed talk.

If you want to try a different style, then you can go with a cool


, Come to a whole village in the middle and sky, a fashion,

Avant -garde feeling.

In fact, sunglasses are also


If your face shape is not perfect, and even a lot of meat on the face, you can choose cat -eye glasses. The overall arc of the frame of this glasses will

Optimize face lines

If you match it, you will look small and exquisite, can be overall

Improve your face value

, So the choice of glasses is also very important, not just a casual glasses may be suitable for you, you need yourself

Select carefully.

Color matching


1) The matching of the same saturation

In recent years, a word has been popular in the fashion circle, that is


These three words are read, although simple, but there are a lot of attention in the matching. If you want to wear fashionable and high -level, then you can

Use color

, Give full play to the sense of high -level wear.


With the fashion with the same saturation, how do you want to distinguish the same saturation? Fairies can judge according to the overall color of the clothes, for example, two different colors of blue and black, green and yellow combination How good together, overall

Is the saturation consistent

, Did it appear? The green is deeper or the yellow is shallow. If there is, the saturation of these two colors is inconsistent.

When choosing a color of different saturations, pay attention to matching

Skin tone suitable for you

Only matching with the skin color will present the largest

Otherwise, it will be matched with the opposite effect, which will look dark, and the whole person has no temperament, so the color selection and skin color matching

The top priority.

2) Bright color matching

For bright and bright colors, many girls have the psychology of rejection. That’s because when you match the color, the area is wrong.

Bright colors

, The appearance of a small area will not make an error. You can use a metallic color or other items. Then you can match a bright skirt or pants to organize it.

The effect of embellishment.

When matching, it is recommended that the fairies must

Pay attention to color ratio

, So that the overall fashion color cannot exceed the color area of ​​other items. As long as this match, it will not make mistakes, and it can also look your

Wearing it is even more eye -catching.

How can I wear temperament in winter? It is enough to wear a hip skirt,

Easily wear elegant femininity

Essence what you think?

#What to wear today#

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With suggestions:

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