What is the advantage of elastic irrigation sealing? What is the main performance? What should I pay attention to when used?

In the sealing market, according to the specific characteristics, it is divided into multiple types of products. For example, elastic irrigation sealing has good performance and is suitable for large projects. It can effectively control costs, play their own performance for a long time, and solve problems for customers.

What are the advantages of elastic irrigation and sealing?

1. It has little viscosity and has good permeability. It can directly penetrate into the inside of the component and the line, and play a role in filling.

2. The material is not easy to layer or settlement, which is convenient for immediately mixing and sealing.

3. During the curing process, the contraction rate is small, almost no high calories, and there is almost no impact on the environment.

4. After curing, the performance of electrical and mechanical performance is good, and a variety of materials can be bonded.

5. It has good heat resistance, not flammable and heat -conducting.

What are the main properties of elastic irrigation and sealing?

After the curing is completed as required, elastic pouring and sealing can exert good temperature resistance. Before curing, it has good liquidity. After all solidification, insulation, dustproof, waterproof, anti -corrosion and high temperature resistance can be performed. Generally speaking, high -quality elastic sealing can resist higher temperatures and try to extend the service life of the meta device as much as possible. Cooperate with powerful suppliers, more assured, such as Kos Moore, focusing on the research of elastic irrigation and sealing, providing customized and elastic irrigation and sealing application solutions, which can be used in new energy, military, medical, aviation, and ships. , Electronics, automobiles, instruments, power, high -speed rail and other industries.


What should I pay attention to when used?


1. Keep the meta device clean and dry.

2. Check the materials carefully to see if there are layers or settlements.


3. The ratio is performed according to the scientific ratio, and it can be used after stirring.

4. After pouring, if there is still a gap, you can pour it in secondary times.

5. Use it within the specified time to avoid waste.


Elastic irrigation and sealing are products that can only be used after solidifying. In order to avoid waste materials, it is recommended not to mix too much materials at one time. If you need to use it in large quantities, you should do a good test in advance to find the best distribution ratio. Put on safety equipment and rest assured to avoid causing physical discomfort.

In order to answer your doubts, the above is what we have organized about rubber potting compound suppliers, hope it can help you.