The founder of Chunshitang: How did I take the road to selling the vibration stick?

The 38th issue of Angel Weekly invited the founder and CEO of Chun Shuitang, and Chun Shuitang started from e -commerce to offline chain to returning to e -commerce. Product positioning also shifted from ashamed adult supplies to sexual products that fused fashion elements , Da Degang won the title of “Uncle Chun”. Gang Degang’s book “The Beauty of Adults” was called “the sexiest book in 2010”.

In this issue of micro -interviews, Uncle Chun analyzed some changes in the fun industry in recent years, the dilemma faced by interesting e -commerce, and the future development trend. Do not miss the dry goods.

What is the business business?

Who is buying?

With the rapid development of the Internet, interesting e -commerce has gradually appeared in people’s sight. Chun Shuitang made a series of analysis of the buyer, age and regional distribution of sex products, and found some interesting phenomena.

On the whole, women’s sex toys account for about 37%of Chunshitang sales, and women’s supplies have a higher unit price, accounting for only about 20%in terms of quantity; male sex toys account for 18%of the sales amount; gender health products account for sales sales of sales. About 25%; the unit price of sexy underwear and condoms is relatively low, and the sales of sales are not too high, but sexy underwear accounts for about 30%of the total sales.

It can be seen from these data that women’s play has 7 or 80 % bought by men. Usually, in order to increase the interaction and fun in ML’s foreplay, more and more men have begun to pay attention to women’s feelings and break the taboos of psychological taboos. The other 30 % of women’s sex toys were bought by women, and women would make some DIY at home.

In terms of consumer age distribution, the total number of users 25-30 years old accounts for nearly 40%; 18-24 years old accounts for 22%; 31-35 years old accounts for 20%; only 8%over 35 years old. This data shows that sex products are the business of young people. The highest proportion of 25-30 years is the reason why consumption power is improved, conceptual changes, and the occurrence of bisexual fatigue during this age.

In terms of consumer regional distribution, Guangdong is the largest province of the entire Chunshitang users. The second to fifth is Beijing, Zhejiang, Shanghai, and Jiangsu. Taking Beijing as an example, the CBD region, financial industry, Chaoyang District Asian Games Village, and Zhongguancun are in the CBD area with Sanlitun as the core.

For the sexual supplies industries such as Chunshui Hall, Valentine’s Day, Double Eleven and Qixi Festival are the peak periods of consumption. Chun Shuitang has also made two 69 adult supplies shopping festivals, which also produced a peak of consumption. In this Valentine’s Day time, everyone does choose ML as a necessary item.

buy what?

The main products of Chun Shuitang include sexual toys (male masturbation, female vibrator), products of sexual health (black fungus change pink fungus, women’s promoting orgasm products), underwear (uniform, sleeping skirt) and so on.

From the perspective of data, the sales ratio of sex health products is increasing, especially male health products. Men’s pursuit of “18 cm and 60 minutes” is endless, and it also means that men’s requirements for themselves will increase. At present, most delay products have no side effects and dependence, but will increase the establishment of men’s self -confidence.

The sales volume of women’s personal care products is also increasing year by year, like black fungus changes in pink fungus, promotes female body fluid secretion, and makes women easier to reach climaxes. This also reflects the improvement of women’s desire and awareness of private maintenance. Women not only pay attention to the above, but also pay more and more attention to the following.

There are various selling points on the market, including ultra -thin, thread, floating point, burrs, fragrance, color and even aloe nourishing condoms. However, ultra -thin and delay are always the core points of people’s pursuit of condoms. On the one hand, people hope that condoms can be thin. It is reasonable that you have the purpose of reducing the sensitivity by increasing the thickness to achieve delay.


We had done an interesting survey among the customers in Chunshui Hall. The results showed that 80%of buyers bought gifts, such as giving girlfriends to send vibration sticks or sexy underwear, male classmates will send them on their birthdays on their birthdays. The aircraft cup, that is, funny and practical, the gift market for these sex products is also growing.

From e -commerce to industrial chain

In fact, e -commerce is not bad

E -commerce has not declined. Whether it is, Tmall or Taobao store sales, the overall trend of the number of shopping people is still rising.

In fact, there are no differences between e -commerce in many key links and retail -also fighting three links, back -end supply chains, front -end customers, and intermediate operations. Therefore, I prefer to understand e -commerce as a combination of traditional and the Internet. It is very important at the traditional level, and it is solid to do a good job of product, selection, quality control and procurement price control.

As an e -commerce of the Internet, it is relatively good at cargo customers at the front end, but the control level of the supply chain is weak. Even if it is an e -commerce, the supply chain is more important than customer acquisition.

E -commerce = Stupid Gongfu’s supply chain management+ingenious kung fu low -cost obtaining customers. Therefore, it is unlikely that e -commerce is successful in the short term, and often dies on the supply chain.

“Interest+Smart” will become standard

Since 2014, a large number of teams have begun to do smart hardware. But I personally think that the intelligent hardware industry itself does not exist. It just intelligently becomes intelligent, rather than a simple entrepreneurial industry. Therefore, in fact, we must first make good products.

In the next three years, “intelligence” will become the standard of almost all electronic products. Smart hardware will enter a competitive pattern similar to traditional industries, fighting products, creative ideas, and use scenarios. In fact, the technology used by intelligent hardware is very mature. What is really difficult is the understanding of the real needs of users, the development of product creativity, and strong execution.

In the future, sex products will become more and more intelligent. So far, Chunshui Hall is the world’s largest intelligent toy R & D company. In 2014, we made a feminine postpartum pot bottom exercise product iball. Crowdfunding reached 2 million. Later, we formed a 15 -person team to develop 19 products, 7 or 8 models, and our intelligent toy products It is already higher than all peers around the world.

The fun industry chain is the big business

Beginning in 2015, Chun Shuitang’s strategic layout is no longer limited to sexual products, and it has begun to transform into an industrial chain around adults’ health -serving sexual health, sexual happiness, sexual beauty, and intimacy. In mid-2014-2015, sex toys are still the largest category of Chunshui Hall. In the future, Chun Shuitang will increase invisible digital products and intangible service products, and even enter the medical field.

Chun Shuitang will deploy smart hardware, realize the user’s big data platform through e -commerce and intelligent hardware, and finally become a big data -based personal health and intimacy management platform. Let users realize their own sexual health, intimate relationship management, and a “tool+e -commerce+service” platform for automatic feedback.

For virtual reality projects, Chun Shuitang made projects and technical reserves in the first half of 2015. Hardware products have been completed, and they have also done a lot of work in content. One of the core issues is how to control this degree. If the sensory stimulus is not enough, the user does not like it; it is too exciting and the border is difficult to control. This may be a matter of urgent balance in adult virtual reality.

— Q & A —

Q: Previously, Chun Shuitang had an iball product that set a record of over 1 million yuan in 4 days when crowdfrons. What do you think of this model of crowdfunding? According to the Great Wisdom Astach News Agency, Chun Shuitang intends to settle in the New Third Board. Is there a chance to transfer some shares through crowdfunding?


A very good sharing economic model of crowdfunding, through the sharing of product creativity, obtained the public to achieve creative productization with 1 piece and two pieces of funds, and finally shared the income together. This is a great improvement in the utilization rate of social resources. To put it simply, through the social sharing of product creativity, the social raising of funds has been obtained, and the efficiency of the utilization of social resources is greatly improved.

This method similar to the C2C2B, through personal creativity plus personalized funds and personalized purchase needs, everyone goes to B -end to produce. A typical need of on -demand is helpful for the effective use of social resources.

We have not yet carried out plans for equity crowdfunding. For start -up enterprises, equity financing is a very good form of financing. I still support equity crowdfunding.

Q: The pure e -commerce platform is difficult to obtain customers and maintain operations without obtaining sufficient capital. What are the good suggestions for Chun Brother for various interesting micro -shops or Taobao stores? A sexual online store I personally opened after 7 months of operation, which encountered the actual passenger single overhead and the cost of collecting customers failed to grow simultaneously.

The current capital market has returned to rationality. Without the case of obtaining customers and maintaining operations, capital cannot be burned for you. Even if you have money, you ca n’t burn excellent data. The data not only refers to the amount of amount, but also includes reasonable promotion costs, reasonable customer acquisition costs and reasonable purchase levels.

You have to face the issue of how to get customers and achieve profits when you have no money. Personally, I can try content marketing. Now no one can burn the traffic, and the user stickiness brought by the flow of traffic is very poor.

Q: What did you persist because of what? In this regard, can you share some experiences for entrepreneurs?

In the process of my entrepreneurial, there are several reasons for me to persist: before doing it, I think that I must do this; in the process of doing, I will get some positive feedback, which is also a kind of incentive for me. ; The industry is progressing, and the development of enterprises and industries is also my motivation to persist; I hope to change the status quo of the industry. After all, this industry is a gray industry.

For entrepreneurs, persistence is the most important point. Maybe there will be discouraged, frustration and frustration in the middle, but persistence is a successful and fastest way to success.

Another thing to note is that entrepreneurship must be cheeky and take non -mainstream routes. When the industry becomes the mainstream, it has lost the advantage of competition. In the early stage of becoming the mainstream, there is a slow growth process, and it will develop rapidly in a certain inflection point. Therefore, when the industry develops rapidly, it will enter this industry. It is likely that you will recession after you enter.

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