Through 3C certification! Two new products of closed tricycles are stylish, suitable for picking up dolls and buying vegetables

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As the country has successively opened the policy of second -child and third -child, not only the young people are under pressure, but the elderly have also assumed more and more jobs. After all, schools are at three or four o’clock, and parents are still struggling to work. First of all, it fell on the elders at home.


Once there are two children in the family, a electric car is definitely not enough to carry people. When it comes to rainy days, it is reluctant to get the child. The closed electric tricycles can be said to be the best baby electric car.


Recently, the well -known brand Yadi and Niu Dian have launched two electric tricycles to connect the baby. The appearance is stylish. It has passed the national 3C certification. The national can be on the card. Let’s see how you will choose?

Yadi: ET300D Zhixiang Edition

ET300D Zhixiang Edition is the latest old -fashioned car car launched by Yadi. The shape is a closed electric tricycle. The size is 2330*1330*1635mm. Essence

The appearance of the vehicle is fashionable and high -end, like the consistent design style of Yadi electric vehicle, LED gene headlights+daytime running lights. Gives the driver’s bright driving environment; in terms of interior, the vehicle is equipped with a 7 -inch LCD full -color high -definition instrument, which can clearly display information such as speed, power, accumulation, and other information. Even the elderly owners can clearly grasp the driving data.


In terms of power system, the ET300D Zhixiang Edition is equipped with 800WSFC high -energy magnetic motor, which is more dynamic than ordinary motor, higher energy efficiency conversion rate, and more quiet driving; Special sections such as underground garage can also be easily conquered.

In terms of battery life, the ET300D Zhixiang Edition is optional with 48/60V45/52/58AH, 6 large -capacity lead -acid batteries, of which the high -profile version is equipped with a 6058AH lead -acid battery with a range of more than 100km. It can meet all the needs of daily travel Essence


In terms of price, due to the release of new cars, according to the consistent “high -end” price of Yadi electric vehicles, the price of the entire vehicle is expected to be more than 8,000 yuan. What do you think?

Niu Electric: Electric Cow 20

Niu Electric Cow 20 is the same three -seater micro -electric tricycles with Yadi ET300D Zhixiang Version in appearance. The full -closed structure can warm the summer and cool in the summer, block the wind and rain. Said, this type of old -generation scooter is the most practical.

The size of the electric cow 20 is 2280*1210*1670mm. The cartoon fashion sticker on the side of the body adds a Q -cute temperament to the entire vehicle. I believe that the child will love it.

In terms of detail configuration, the entire vehicle has windshields in front of the bisirusca arcs, and uses wearing LED headlights. It can also be shined at night. Independent suspension adds a technological intelligent experience to the entire vehicle.

In terms of battery life, the vehicle is equipped with a 60V52AH lead -acid battery. The maximum range is expected to be about 80 kilometers, and the expected price is expected to start from 5,000 yuan. What price do you think is appropriate?


Little pepper reminds the majority of car owners that the closed electric tricycle has been classified as a motor vehicle attribute. In some areas with strict control, it is not only required to be listed on the road, but also a corresponding driver’s license. The closed electric tricycle needs to hold a D photo.

How do you choose the two closed electric vehicles of the wind and raining electric vehicle? Welcome your message.

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