Global industrial sewing machine: Gaulin Group

Company Profile

Gaulin Co., Ltd. is famous all over the world with the “Siruba” silver arrow sewing machine. Established in 1965, it is engaged in the research and development, production and manufacturing of sewing equipment for industrial use, and adheres to the “customer is partner” to create an exclusive solution for each customer.

Siruba focuses on the development of sewing machines for industrial use, and has a series of products that correspond to diverse sewing projects.


From the best -selling sewing vehicles to the multi -needle of the industry; at the same time, it is like a stitched car, a flat car, and an electronic lock -locking car and a knot car. In the era of intelligence, Gao Lin also led the industry to invest in the development and manufacturing of automated sewing equipment. The automatic machine has the accuracy, fast, and consistent mechanical machine, and at the same time, it is full of handmade texture, which can effectively reduce labor costs and achieve the state of human -machine collaboration.

In the era of informationization, Siruba launched a smarter and convenient product series and service network. The industry’s first product QR code scan is used to provide official certification services for the product, maintaining corporate reputation and customer relationship. In addition, we construct a new E-Commerce system to simplify the B2B transaction process to achieve a fast and precise cooperation proposal.

Difficulties and challenges

Before 2017, Gao Lin had a set of storage and management software and a set of ERP systems, and the internal file signing of the company was another system. The lack of graphic management. For the actual use of 3D sharing parts, there is no good effectiveness, it is impossible to accurately inquire and use, causing R & D personnel to re -develop it again, which is a problem of wasting time and causes.

Before the official implementation of the SolidWorks PDM system, Smarteam was used to store the solidworks 3D graphic file. However, when using SolidWorks, it was impossible to obtain the common parts directly on Smarteam. There is a way to switch the screen to do it. Because the attributes of the graphic file are not fully integrated, the file name of the picture file is still found when searching for the picture file, and the drawing file must be opened to understand the content of this picture.

Gao Lin’s history has been a long time. There are many DWG graphic files that need to be effectively managed. It used to be on a shared disk, but this management method often cannot find a picture or is accidentally deleted. The signing of the engineering diagram confirmed that it used to be hand -signed one by one. If you want to purchase or produce, there are dozens of or hundreds of pictures at a time. Work efficiency.

In addition, Gao Lin’s R & D unit is in Taiwan, and the main production units are on the mainland. Therefore, the instantaneous and correctness of the data exchange is very important. The data between Taiwan and the mainland pass through the FTP mechanism. This method is very inefficient. It also often causes production problems due to the error of the file version, or the delay of the data also causes production problems. Therefore, using a single solidworks PDM platform is imperative.


Harvest and improvement

After strengthening the management of R & D data, Gao Lin introduced the Solidworks PDM system and conducted Solidworks graphic management on the Solidworks PDM system platform to fully integrate Solidworks and SolidWorks PDM systems, allowing Solidworks to directly manage the SolidWorks PDM system management for it. The version of the picture file is controlled, so that the purchasing unit can correctly obtain the required graphic materials.

For the correctness of the data, through the workflow of the Solidworks PDM system, the review process of the planning file file, when the review file review is completed, the name of the audit personnel can be written into the engineering diagram, the mechanism of artificial signing can be improved, and the mechanism of artificial signing can be improved. R & D work efficiency.

Solidworks PDM system platform provides mechanisms for sharing data to allow Gaulin production, procurement and quality management units when requiring picture file information. You don’t need to ask the R & D unit to obtain the required information and graphics. In addition, the management of a 3D graph file on the PDM system can be established to improve the functions that the system cannot achieve in the past. In the PDM system, you can find the need for common parts in time to reduce the time and manual consumption of repeated development.

In addition, in the past, the pictures and materials of the three places on both sides of the strait were passed through FTP. After the introduction The transmission of files, and completely avoid the errors and time waste caused by the error, greatly enhance the design benefits.


Wang Jiemin’s church believes: “Entering the digital era, the speed of research and development can be said to be the lifeblood of a company, and Solidworks PDM provides a integrated platform for production and development to production, so that Gao Lin can efficiently use huge design materials, with the best best to use the best to use the best The speed and efficiency provide better services for customers around the world. “


Gaulin Co., Ltd., originally passed on the design of design data management, internal signing, and design maps of the three sides of the strait. Different software and platforms were driven. All problems such as workers have a great impact on the overall performance of the company. Therefore, after importing Solidworks PDM as a single platform, the problem is solved.

Gaulin Co., Ltd. currently has Solidworks, Solidworks PDM, Solidworks Composer, Solidworks Electrical, Solidworks Inspect, Solidworks Visualize. Through SOLIDWORKS PDM as the core of integration, centralized research and development archives management to avoid loss of data and improve product design change operation efficiency. , Greatly improve the effectiveness of research and development. Common information and graphic files can also avoid repeated design resources and waste costs. Further through the system management version, it can ensure that all personnel use the latest information. Finally, the picture file is reviewed. Complete integration.

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