Come again, the sensor is broken again! What do I use oxygen sensor? Why change!

Now I am boiling online, saying what to change the oxygen sensor can reduce fuel consumption and save fuel! Today, a oxygen sensor is broken! Today I will tell you what is oxygen sensor, what is it, why can it affect fuel consumption!


First of all, the oxygen sensor is installed on the exhaust pipe. The specific location is close to the engine. It is installed in front of the ternary catalyst. There is also one after the three yuan catalysis. That is the rear oxygen sensor. Excessive explanation! The anterior oxygen sensor is white, which is used to detect exhaust gas!

First of all, the oxygen sensor is used to detect the oxygen content in the exhaust gas. To put it plainly, it is to see if the gasoline and air are mixed and burned. Spray a little more oil in the fuel jet mouth, and then burn it completely to meet the standard requirements!

Oxygen sensor is relatively high in working temperature, and the general working temperature is above 300 degrees, so to prevent burns when disassembling or checking! Oxygen sensor data can be seen intuitively with a diagnostic computer! Generally speaking, oxygen sensors are not severely damaged, and it does increase fuel consumption!


For example, the oxygen sensor is blind, that is, the concentration of the exhaust gas is incorrect. For example, if the actual exhaust gas is seen by 1 sensor, this exhaust gas is not said 2 and then transmits the signal to the computer. The proportion is wrong, causing increased fuel consumption! Oxygen sensor is the only sensor with inductive exhaust gas!

In order to answer your doubts, the above is what we have organized about 12V Xin Xin Nox Sensor 5WK9 6651A For CHRYSLER, hope it can help you.