Super beautiful shorts

Although it is a pair of shorts, it should also have its own significance. You can complete a gorgeous transformation in one choice, nor can you carefully choose the perfect match with you for a long time. Treating shorts, we should face it with a solemn and serious mind, throw away those “rough and non -made” models, and let them give you a beautiful endorsement.


What is the work style? It’s not excessive

To some extent, the work style is similar to her boyfriend style, such as these models. Their materials are quite basic, they are the khaki fabric we are familiar with, and then with a bright or dull color, they are designed with straight cylinders, high -waisted highlights, wide legs as a version, and a piece of one with one piece, and a piece of one with one piece. The sexy and strong top, the entire youth trend style is recessed. If you don’t want the temperament to be too cold, then the clothes must be as soft as possible.

The biggest difference between you and ants is that it is unlimited in material. Both Khaki and denim are all collected, and then do work on it. And to say that the boyfriend style, in fact, this dark denim shorts will be even more, and the handling of straight tube is even more loose. With a red T -shirt, the whole character tone is quite obvious.


Earlier, we talked about the relationship between the style of work style and boyfriend, but did not say that the work style was also very artistic. The gentle cotton is matched with a comfortable color match, and then without other modifications. It seems to be an ordinary pants, but it will be matched with the literary style T -shirt, and this artistic effect will suddenly show it.

And except for literature and art, cuteness, it seems that it is not a difficult thing for them. For example, the first design is obviously the trend of work clothes, but in the end it becomes a cute girl temperament, even if it is such a dark matte texture processing, it does not affect its distinctiveness. The black T -shirt is really incredible ~


What is the most popular 2020? Choose high waist bud pants

The element of high waist buds was not discovered this year, but it was indeed faced since this year. In addition to shorts, designers also like to talk about them on some wide -leg suit pants, which still looks very beautiful. Mi Feier’s design Daisy still likes it. The first two of them are handsome and sweet, and the latter two are specific but atypical trend street shooting models.


Most of Tang Lishi’s brand of Jimei is still not unfamiliar, especially for the student party, it is very likely to choose, thinking that the price is reasonable. The design of their shorts in this season is very interesting. It is to properly integrate the buds and work elements, and then achieve a trendy temperament inside but unexpectedly.

If you think that Senma was worn by a high school girl before, then please stop such prejudice in time, because you will find that even for us who are going to the workplace, as long as you still have a dream about youth, then their family’s home There is still a place worthy of one product. Like these shorts, age -reducing effects and fashion temperament coexist.

For girls who like to be free and not constrained, wearing shorts in summer is really a very good choice, so it is all necessary to make them in 2020, so that they can achieve your different trend fashion.

In order to answer your doubts, the above is what we have organized about Women’s grinding casual shorts IMLDSA2201, hope it can help you.