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A large number of private houses, which are located in the old house, are located on No. 32, 128 Nanshan Road. A Cao Su Gong Mo Factory is like a literary hermit “Da Yin” here.

Recently, a unique relocation ceremony was held at the original site of Cao Su Gong Mo Factory. The Chinese old -fashioned “Cao Su Gong” ink factory was incorporated into the scope of the reconstruction of the old urban area.

The pictures of the relocation ceremony are confessed by the pictures of the Jing’an District

Cao Su Gong Hui Mo has a history of more than 350 years. He is the creator and witness of traditional Chinese culture. Pen and ink culture is an important carrier of the inheritance of Chinese character civilization. From Cao Su Gong Mo Factory in 1917 to Nanshan Road’s current address, it has been more than a century. As the oldest business -making ink -making company in China, the oldest company has continuously developed and promoted traditional pen and ink production skills. It has won two national intangible culture. Heritage skills and a national intangible cultural heritage productive protection demonstration base.

In February 2019, the Hongnan Mountain house where the ink factory was located was included in the scope of the reconstruction of the old city. A century -old factory is about to usher in a new turn. Prior to this, the Shanghai Old Reform Reform Harvest has not yet encountered the collection of the “non -heritage” cultural units. In order to better safeguard the acquisition of Cao Su Gong Mo Factory, the streets on the streets of Jiangxi Road have cooperated with the old district reform office to cooperate with the district reform office to work with the city. The CPPCC, the Municipal Cultural Tourism Bureau, the District Cultural Tourism Bureau, the District Planning Natural Resources Bureau, the Municipal Anti -Heritage Association and other units coordinated to cooperate with the ink factory to find a better -relocated area.


Relocation ceremony site

During the one -and -a -half -year coordination process, due to the restrictions of various objective conditions such as the “EIA” standard and regional planning, the coordination plan is easy to draft. In the end, with the joint efforts of many parties, I finally found a new base for Cao Su Gong Mo Factory -the road to military industry near Shanghai University of Technology. Provides valuable experience of “non -heritage collection”.


“The first bottle of ink used by Ala was Cao Sugong.” At the relocation ceremony, there were residents who loved calligraphy. In recent years, I learned that the “Cao Sulong” relocation plan was on the agenda, and residents came to check in, and a wave of “memories killing” staged from time to time.

Xu Ming and Wu Qingchun, two national -level non -genetic inheritors in Shanghai Zhouhuchen Cao Su Gong Bigong Bigong Bi -ink Co., Ltd., also talked about their deep love for the land of Jiangxi. They once established a good friendship with the residents here. Over the years, many employees in the factory have also chosen to settle down in Jiangxi, a fireworks and human taste. “When the Hongnan Mountain House land was relocated, many residents came to say goodbye to us.” Two national non -herediters also returned the residents of the Jiangxi. Gift, full of affection.

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Relocation ceremony site