Aunt Property began to pay for the heating fee of this year! It is about one month from the large area of ​​heating from the northern region. At this time, friends in the south have to be envious and jealous. Why can’t the cold southern south still be concentrated heating in winter? The ideal is warm, and the reality is cold. Before this “puzzled mystery” solves, let’s talk about it. In fact, if you prepare an electric heater at home, you can also let you enjoy the “warm winter” without leaving the house, and there are more and more types of electric heater, so the problem comes! Which electric heater is the heating artifact you deserve? Today “Good Prophet” will help you to get this problem.

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At present, the mainstream electric heaters on the market can be roughly divided into the following categories: electric heating wire electric heaters, heat sink -type heater, convection electric heater, ceramic heat heater, quartz tube heat heating electric heating, etc. Which one is more suitable for you? The key depends on specific needs.

Electric heating wire electric heaters

Recommended reason: Quick heating

The heaters heater uses the motor to drive the wind leaves to generate air circulation. Cold air through the heating components of the heating body to form thermal exchange and achieve the purpose of heating. It is installed with limited inside, and when the air outlet is blocked by a fan, the power can be disconnected by itself. Some are also equipped with dumping switches, and the power can be cut off by themselves when the heater is dumped.


Reasons for grass:

This product is a more classic heater heater. It uses high -efficiency vortex fans to accelerate the air convection and make the temperature rise rapidly without waiting. The intimate stand -up dual -use design allows the original small machine to be suitable for multiple scenes. The transaction volume of this model in Tmall as high as 58,000 also shows its popularity. (Reference price: 49.9 yuan)

Heatheet -type heater

Recommended reason: Large heat calories

The heating body is a long -strip metal heating wire with the connected multi -aluminum sheet to combine the heating body. It uses the characteristics of aluminum material to heat and heat dissipate quickly to achieve the purpose of rapid heating and rapid heat transfer.

Electric Tea table Rainers and Heat Power Heating Table Keyeon E2-5138

This is a coffee table that can rotate and lifts, and it is also a heater that can be used to heated. The thick aluminum profiles ensure that it is safely used under long -term temperature temperature, carbon membrane warm foot, five -hole sockets, dual USB port design , Anti -scalding, LCD display touch, etc. A variety of humanized designs give you not only a coffee table or a table or a heater. (Reference price: 3288 yuan)

Ceramic heat heater

Recommended reason: good storage

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Ceramic heating speed is slow, but the storage thermal effect is good. It is more suitable for family use of the elderly and children at home. Ceramics heater is a highly efficient heat distribution and uniform heater. Uniform, eliminating the hot spots and cold spots of the equipment. It has the advantages of long life, good thermal insulation performance, strong mechanical properties, corrosion resistance, anti -magnetic field, etc., without oxygen, no oxidation, no dry mouth, tongue and tongue, can deodorize and keep the indoor air fresh.

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Haier heater household small heater HN1803

Small white platform heater, freely set temperature at 10-35 degrees, PTC ceramic heating body conversion rate is higher, fast hair heating, hidden shaking head design, increase the heat delivery area can be used by multiple people. The unique humanized touch design, the finger can be adjusted, and the remote control can operate long -distance and control it regularly. (Reference price: 189 yuan)

Oil Ting -type electric heater

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The biggest feature of the oily electric heater is that the calories emitted are greater. Even if the power outage is stopped, it will maintain a certain temperature for a long time. No more than 85 ° C, even if it touches the human body, it will not cause burns, and it is suitable for the place where the human body may directly touch.

Sangpu oil heater DB1825ms

This heater uses a multi-flowing bionic design of the hive, up to 208 poly energy ring design, and the temperature is faster and warmer. The 5-35-degree temperature control design can achieve multiple and temperature adjustment. Can be used safely. The patented anti -hot drying rack also makes it easier to dry clothes in winter. (Reference price: 988 yuan)

Halogen tube heating electric heater

Recommended reason: High thermal efficiency

The halogen tube is a sealing integrated element. It is filled with halogen gases in the tube, which can effectively ensure the life of the internal electric heating wire. At the same time, it has a stronger brightness than the quartz tube and greater radiation calories. Therefore Come to effectively reduce the reflection brightness, make the out of the light softer and moderate radiation. Because it is light -emitting and heat dissipation, it is not suitable for bedrooms.

Oaks Little Sun heater NSB-TY80A

This vertical small solar heater has a honeycomb -type lattice reflector that can be heated quickly in a large scale, and the original dark light heating light is softer and not hurt. simpler. (Reference price: 109 yuan)

Electric membrane -type electric heaters

Recommended reason: energy saving and power saving

Electric membrane electric heaters are used as an electric film as a thermal element. The method of using the wire printing or spraying method is used to attach the electromatic membrane to the appropriate substrate. Released from the membrane. Electric membrane electric heater is a relatively high -end product in the electric heater, and its appearance is relatively fashionable. It can also play a decorative role at home. Then if everyone’s economic conditions are okay, buying an electric film electric heater will be more comfortable and safe.

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Gree electric heaters silicon crystal electric film baking stove

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This electric heating film heater has environmentally friendly silicon crystal heating tablets, which can reach 6 seconds hot, plus 45 -degree heat wave gold angle to make the heat more likely to diverge into the room. The special metal is placed on the Internet. It is safe and reliable. Convenient and practical. In addition, the original hidden humidifier box makes your heater become moisturizing artifact in seconds. (Reference price: 338 yuan)

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Quartz tube heat heating

Recommended reason: small and beautiful look

Its heating body is electric heating wire, which is worn in the quartz tube, and the quartz tube has supported, protected and heated. It uses far -infrared quartz tubes to heat, and heat transfer is radiation. It penetrates strong penetration and is well -fired. The characteristics of quartz tube electric heaters are small and beautiful appearance, fast heat transfer, convenient movement, cheap price.

Bao Gong’s home industry electric heating

This heating fan has a unique shape and strong power. It can take into account indoor and outdoor. The turbine circulating design can be used for a long distance and a large area of ​​air. The waterproof and dustproof function can ensure that the heating fan can still be used with confidence even in the outdoor greenhouse and the stage of the plant. (Reference price: 320 yuan)

Note: The reference price of the product from this article comes from Tmall, the specific model price, please refer to Tmall purchases

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3 techniques for the heaters to buy

[Appearance inspection] The shell of the heater should be smooth and smooth, and the paint level should be bright, without falling off, wrinkled skin and other phenomena. There should be rust spots, bubbles, etc. at the plating layer, and there should be no defects such as cracks and shrinkage for plastic parts.

好物抢先知:冬季保暖大作战 取暖神器怎么挑

[Electrical Performance Examination] The control switch movements of the heater should be flexible, reliable, and the timer should be intact. After the power is connected, whether the indicator light is bright, and listen to the noise of the fan motor. Is there an abnormal noise?

[Temperature test] After the electric heaters are powered on for several minutes, there should be obvious calories at the heater.

Reminder of using 3 reminder

1. Do not dry the clothes directly on the heater

There is no electric heater with a baked shelf, do not cover the clothes on the heater. On the one hand, it can avoid baking coke clothes, on the other hand, it can prevent the pressure of thermal oil inside the heater shell increased, causing the leakage of thermal oil and the bloating of the shell.

2. Pay attention to waterproof when using in the bathroom

Even waterproof heater should not be too close to the bathtub, washbasin or shower pool, and try to avoid spraying water directly on the bathroom heater during bathing. Do not place the bathroom heater directly under the power socket, because the rising thermal airflow released by the heater is easy to bake the socket.

3. Long -term use will have an impact on health

Long -term close -range contact with heating equipment such as electric heating, electric blankets, and hand warming furnaces in winter. After the skin is exposed to an environment that is higher than the temperature of the body surface for a long time, the arms and face will grow different brown mesh plaques. These plaques are fire -resistant erythema. If they are not treated in time, they may also expand their skin blood vessels, proliferate, and make the skin aging early. Patients should reduce or stop contacting the heat source, and slowly adjust. In winter, they must pay special attention to hydrating and moisturizing the skin, and usually drink plenty of water.

好物抢先知:冬季保暖大作战 取暖神器怎么挑

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Recommended reason: Large heat calories