Starting this year, a large number of pixels of image sensors began to configure pixels, and due to the use of a larger sensor area, the debate of the mobile phone and the camera for a while is very arrogant. But how to compare the comparison of notarization and evaluate the picture quality differences between the two. Regardless of the mobile phone or the display screen, they are subject to different constraints: the pixel density of the mobile phone is enough, but the screen is too small to compare; the display is not high in pixels, and the size of the display is not convenient to be horizontal.

In the entire IT field, only the photo printer can take into account the two parameters of the size and picture quality at the same time. Even the home products, the photo printer can easily reach the output accuracy of 1200DPI and above. The display device cannot be done, and the large surface equipment also has the ability to achieve high -precision output at a larger scale. But there is a prerequisite, not all printers can be used to evaluate the picture quality, and must be a photo printer with more than 4 colors. Coincidentally, Epson has a new generation of 6 -color photo printing products released this year, and finally has a suitable equipment for comparison.

Hundreds of millions of pixels and physical limits

The author himself does not have the latest underground, pixels of hundreds of millions of mobile phones, so it is to find a recently released MIX4, which is justified by the mobile phone department. It happens that this product meets the conditions of the outsole and pixels. Here I would like to express my gratitude to the equipment for the equipment given by the brothers.

This actually involves a basic physical problem: diffraction limit. You can search for this term, but the general meaning must understand: the resolution of the optical system is not only limited, but also can be calculated. The sensor of the mobile phone is actually not large, which will cause a problem: it increases the number of pixels, but in fact, the resolution of the mobile phone lens has a limit, which does not rose without stopping.

So it can only be continuously optimized. This optimization comes from multiple aspects. When MIX4 is filming, the pixels will be used in one combination, that is, each four pixels are sampled, and it will become an equivalent pixel less than 30 million. This is the advantage of high pixels. We In comparison, this mode also uses this mode to compare with digital cameras.

上亿像素照片打印 爱普生新品旗舰实测

The algorithm of the mobile phone can be continuously improved, and even different APPs can have different algorithms. This is the advantage of the mobile phone.

On the other hand, it comes from image processing. The signal raw file obtained by the sensor is generally not easy to get. What we see is all processed images. However, the optimization ability of mobile phones is far from traditional features, because mobile phones are more intelligent and algorithm are much stronger than cameras, especially now the mobile phone processor even contains units similar to neural networks. After this processing, the photo taken by the mobile phone will be a full picture processing and optimization image, and even the common optical distortion that can be treated with the common optical distortion can be treated very ideal. In the same way, the quality has a tendency to catch up with astronomical telescope.

Therefore, here is our main question: the mobile phone is one of the 100 million pixels, and the powerful algorithm optimized images, and the SLR JPG out, are they good or bad? Which scene can make people feel better? The feelings of ordinary people are more important.

An old invincible rabbit

EOS 5D Markii was the first full -frame digital SLR that the author used to buy frugality that year, and it is still easy to use today. This product was officially published in 2008, 13 years ago. But this does not hinder the excellence of this product, and it is quite important that the pixels of this product are 21.1 million, which is closer to the 4 -in -1 1 of MIX4. Today’s new digital SLR and micro -single general pixels are relatively high.

EOS 5D Markii has been a product of more than ten years in a blink of an eye

In order to be close to MIX4, the author uses the EF17-40mm F4L, and the focal length is covered with the equivalent focal length of the MIX main lens, so that the field of vision is almost easy to compare with MIX4.

Even if it is a product of more than ten years ago, the quality of invincible rabbits+L heads is enough to meet the needs of high -level photo printing. This is a matter of proven more than ten years ago.

上亿像素照片打印 爱普生新品旗舰实测

Epson’s tradition

上亿像素照片打印 爱普生新品旗舰实测

Chinese users have always had a tradition of “changing confession”. The most objects are Epson’s 6 -color products, because Epson’s micro -pressure electrical print head technology is very durable and reliable. Epson also complied with user needs. In 2011, it launched ink -type printing products for home users. The market has unlimited scenery. Many users began to hop on Epson to launch 6 -color ink -style products for images and professional outputs.

上亿像素照片打印 爱普生新品旗舰实测

Epson’s L850

上亿像素照片打印 爱普生新品旗舰实测

Epson also lived up to expectations, and soon launched A3 L1800, A4 L801, L850 and other products. It has been widely praised by imaging users. In the past for a long time, Epson was the only world for launching senior family applications or image hobbies. Enterprise of the ink -type product of the person. It was not until the beginning of this year that Canon launched a 6 -color consecutive supply model, and the market has competition.

Epson L8168 uses a new 6 -color photo to print ink

The tip of the needle is to Mai Mang. This year, Epson also launched the newly replaced product L8168 and L8188 products. The difference between them is the different printing surface. The L8168 is A4, and the L8188 is A3+. When we compared this time, we used L8168, a 6 -color high -end photo machine for home users.

Epson L8168, a very beautiful photo all -in -one machine

Different from the past -facing and commercial products that have been evaluated by Zhongguancun in the past, the products launched by Epson this time can see more exquisite design from the design. Of course, the positioning of this product is much higher. Whether it is the overall shape or the huge touch screen, it can be said that it is pleasing to the eye. These excellent characteristics have also won the design award in Japan.

6 color ink adds gray light tone

The Epson L8168 compares the past L850, which has changed a lot in the color configuration of ink. This is the biggest difference between this generation of products. The ink configuration scheme of L8168 has become a traditional CMYK four -color plus PB and GY two colors. These two colors represent the black and dye ash of pigment. The key to the upgrade. In other words, Epson believes that adding a gray -order ink may be better than the two pale tone colors in the past, which is equivalent to the light tone of the three colors of the CMY, making the transition of the color more delicate and softer.

LCD screen comparison

上亿像素照片打印 爱普生新品旗舰实测

With SLR and mobile phones, the author actually took a set of comparison pictures in the World Trade Step in Beijing and Fangcao. The content of the two was basically the same. The screen of the mobile phone is very small, which is to compress a photo of more than 20 million pixels to the range of about 6 inches. Therefore, we will feel that from three or five years ago, the photo of the mobile phone seems to be “very clear”. Even if it is enlarged, the same is true on the mobile phone screen.

The volume of the photo files taken by MIX4 and the invincible rabbit is about 8MB. When you open it in the computer, you will find that the color of the digital SLR is more intense, the picture is more oily, and the screen of the mobile phone seems a little “dry”, and the color is not so strong.

上亿像素照片打印 爱普生新品旗舰实测

In a large contrast, digital SLR shows better tolerance, which is also the most obvious advantage of the outsole. And if it is 100%, the noise of invincible rabbits is obviously less than MIX4. This is also a innate advantage. It is not easy to solve the later processing algorithm.

But in terms of solution, there are not many disadvantages of mobile phones, and they are also excellent. This has a comparison foundation. In the past, this foundation did not have it. For example, the details of the lines above, you can see that every one under the natural light is very clear

The following is a real test to enter the printing comparison link.

上亿像素照片打印 爱普生新品旗舰实测

Draw a serious picture

上亿像素照片打印 爱普生新品旗舰实测

Since it is necessary to compare it, the printing device as a judgment must be excellent and stable enough, otherwise it will lose the meaning of comparison. Our mobile phone SLR uses the primary color system of RGB, and the printer uses CMYK’s color supplement. How to accurately establish an accurate corresponding relationship between the two becomes a science and is called color management. Epson has always enjoyed a high reputation in the field of imaging, and art micro -spray is almost the ultimate output quality of the printing device.

Lut established the corresponding relationship between RGB and ink color

In large surface products, Epson uses the combination of two technologies of lighting and lut to ensure the accuracy of the output. Lut technology is used in home printing products. The so -called LUT is the abbreviation of look up table, which is the color search table of Epson. Lut can be understood as a function. When the value of the RGB in the photo is known, find the corresponding CMYK value in the lut and the ink and paper of the printer to ensure that the accuracy is a bit like a filter. , RGB is decomposed into a targeted ink color (this is Lut of 10 color large printers), which requires the corresponding relationship between ink, paper, and color when product development. Stability to ensure the reliability of Lut. In the past ten years of practice, this technology adopted by Epson has undergone a long test and is actually effective.

Micro -pressure electrical print head and original consumables, allowing Epson to print products to maintain long -term output quality

After more than ten years of verification, users can completely trust the stability of Epson’s original consumables, and they can always provide output quality. This is also related to the printing method of Epson inkjet products. Microcression is a cold printing technology. The voltage crystal deforms and squeezes out ink. The micro -pressure electricity will bring two major advantages. First, the ink is not heated , Maintaining continuous stability; second, the print head is not heated and the state is stable. This is what Epson’s micro -pressure inkjet printing product is particularly printed in the text and printed shops from the beginning of this article. As long as the electrical head is used normally, the life span is longer.

The Epson L8168 is a product that inherits the two major advantages of cold printing technology and LUT color management capabilities. After installing the driver, this product will see many, different paper options in PS and drivers. It is the ICC that Epson made, and they are responsible for guarantee. When Epson leaves the factory, it will be made for different types of photo paper such as the rough surface, gloss, and super luster of Epson’s original factory. If the user is simply called when printing, it can ensure the accuracy of the output. Of course, how to use Photoshop reasonably also requires a little trick, I will introduce how to set it later.

上亿像素照片打印 爱普生新品旗舰实测

Pay attention to the anti -dumb design of each interface

上亿像素照片打印 爱普生新品旗舰实测

Large and sensitive full Chinese touch screen

Compared with the L850 launched a few years ago, Epson’s new L8168 has made a lot of progress. In addition to the structure becomes all -in -one, it also achieves a sensitive capacitor touch screen and a friendly Chinese interface. Both the L8168 and L8188 of this generation have been changed to a full -built -in ink, and the ink screen and the fuselage have been improved. When the ink screen is inverted, there will be no ink sprinkled. Wrong color.

Epson’s RC gloss photo paper

When printing, we naturally use the RC gloss photo paper of Epson’s original factory. This paper weighs 255 grams per square meter. Compared with the traditional gloss photo paper, RC is the meaning of resin coating. Class micropores can quickly absorb ink to form quick drying. Only by strong water absorption can ink make more ink more local coverage to form a deeper concentration expression. The variable ink drops used by Epson L8168 and the mix of 2 gray levels make the transition more natural. The color order is not continuous.

Professional printing color management

The printing software we use is PhotoshopCC. The output rendering method uses “perception”. This method is to compress the color in the photo to the color space of the printer. While installing the driver, it will match the original paper and ink to match the ICC.

What you see is obtained

Many users have asked us how to get it when they are printed, that is, it is similar to the screen and printed on the screen? This is actually a set of color management. Here we concluded: You need to buy a good display with a good color, but if not, our simple software settings can be very close.

This settings do not know

This settings are set in Photoshop’s sample settings. As shown above, many people here have never done any settings. It has always been CMYK at work. In fact, this is simulated on the screen. The color performance is not the same as when you print the output. This is the source of the color difference.

Custom settings: The effect of simulation printing on the display

At this time, we need to choose a custom settings. The device we want to simulate selects the ICC of our printer, which is Epson’s advanced gloss photo paper. Before and after the settings, you will find that the color of the entire screen has undergone integrated changes. Now in your PS Images are the result of simulation printing, so that even if your display is not very good, but this setting will make your display closer to the print result.

上亿像素照片打印 爱普生新品旗舰实测

Screen output and printing closer

The above two pictures are the contrast between the output and printing output after setting. You can see that the difference between the display and the actual output is very small. This ability is only a high -level 6 -color product. There will be, that is, you have to buy at least Epson L8168 or more advanced printing equipment. Ordinary home four -color products are not set up by the original ICC. This is also the technology provided by more advanced products to facilitate users Protection. If you are a serious video enthusiast, you can consider configured better color displays and color light boxes, so the result will be very close.

上亿像素照片打印 爱普生新品旗舰实测

Screen output and printing closer

上亿像素照片打印 爱普生新品旗舰实测

The high contrast, transitional colorless step in the reflective area on the left, and the lines on the right are slender and clear

上亿像素照片打印 爱普生新品旗舰实测

The exquisite transition of the leaves and flowers is very real and rich, so that we cannot show whether we shoot or scan

In terms of output quality, the Epson L8168 shows the excellent output ability of 6 -color products. The output color is bright and vivid. The multi -level grayscale makes high contrast photos stronger, and the visual impact of the image is stronger. After initial calibration, the printer has a very high accuracy, which can easily reproduce the rich details in the original film.

It is also a problem to show the ability of Epson L8168. We do not have a very good image scanner. The scanning unit on the ordinary integrated machine cannot show the transition on the photo, including digital SLR shooting. The texture has also been well received by our colleagues in the field of imaging: this point of view is printed by a very high -level printer. Usually, the quality of printing and printing is not seen.

上亿像素照片打印 爱普生新品旗舰实测

Confusion contrast

We print photos in different scenarios by border distances and are chaotic as A and B.

Which one do you prefer?

Then I asked my colleagues who had nothing to do with images and mobile phones to blindly choose the group that they felt better. This kind of ordinary person blind selection. I think it is more meaningful: they can represent the current post -90s ordinary people. The tendency, perhaps in their eyes, this old SLR is not a crushing advantage. Perhaps their feeling of color is different from 70 and 80s. I let them write positive characters on the group that I like, which is easy to statistics.

Here we can think that Epson’s printer does not have any output differences. The image output through the matched color management method is the original and high -definition of the A4 photo paper.

Test results: mobile phones can print serious photos

上亿像素照片打印 爱普生新品旗舰实测

There are 30 colleagues who actually participate in comparison. In color, most people choose SLR, but in terms of output accuracy, everyone does not say that the difference is not seen. This is already a huge progress in mobile phone shooting. Why is the color saturation taken by mobile phones low? The author believes that the OLED screen of the mobile phone is highly saturated, so the photos taken should be reduced, so that it is more natural to look on the screen. This shows that when the mobile phone photo is developed, it is more oriented to look on the screen, rather than printing out. This step may require printing equipment companies for targeted saturation optimization.

上亿像素照片打印 爱普生新品旗舰实测

The area of ​​hundreds of millions of pixels and larger sensors, so that the resolution of this phone is actually not low. It should be the top level of the current mobile phone to take pictures. The quality of the picture can support the output of A4, A3, and even larger surface outputs. Essence This was completely unimaginable before. After the image quality of the mobile phone was printed out a few years ago, it can be described as a terrible, and now it can be printed with confidence. This is optical, sensor, and progress.

SLR’s innate advantage mobile phone is increasing

Of course, the advantages of SLRs still exist. If you carefully compare the details, colors, and contrasts, you can see that there is a comprehensive gap in mobile phone shooting, but this is just the gap. Although it cannot be surpassed, for users, if there is no such comparison, there is no such comparison, without this comparison, without this comparison, without this comparison, there is no such comparison. Then mobile phone photos are now enough, and SLR can give you a better picture in the same scene.

You can play photos directly on your mobile phone, which is more convenient

上亿像素照片打印 爱普生新品旗舰实测

Finally, I said that Epson’s L8168, this product is not cheap. But compared to the 6 -color scheme of L1800 pale blue and light red, the gray ink has achieved the same or even winning effect, and we have printed more than ten photos of the highest accuracy of A4. The cost of the highest accuracy of an A4 is at the level of a few cents. It can be said that as long as you can afford L8168, you can afford it. The key is that you can use the mobile phone WeChat, which can be printed casually. This is much more convenient than before. Buy, fight, and mount it, it is our trilogy of playing photos printers. Now e -commerce platforms can easily buy cheap beautiful photo frames.

Who will not love the photo wall of the child?

If you buy various photo flagships this year, you will find that you have a lot of fun after buying. As long as you are a person who likes to record, from shooting to printing, your walls and albums can record a lot of stories that have a lot of stories. And they are so fresh to appear in front of them every day, not a section of data that sleeps in the hard disk or cloud disk. Of course, Epson’s machine design and texture are also first -class, which is also very suitable for families with requirements for life.

At the end

: The tool we obtained from the image has shifted from professional equipment to mobile phones. However, the image quality of the mobile phone was very embarrassing before, so I have always wanted to write an article that printed the same photos taken by the mobile phone and digital camera to compare the comparison. The 100 million pixels and outsole mobile phones began this year, which gave me the opportunity to try and finally completed this article in a long time.

Now you can finally announce the maximum accuracy photo of the A4-A3 surface of A4-A3. Although there are still some gaps than SLR, the advantage of the mobile phone is self-evident: anytime, anywhere, professional cameras are more suitable for creating creation. The environment and higher requirements for picture quality are not mutually scolding.