Unconsciously, it has been established for more than a week, and I finally felt it

Morning and evening temperature difference

Autumn is also officially met with us.


There are many ways to welcome autumn: the first cup of milk tea, the first dumpling, and I choose a beautiful and easy -to -wear autumn jacket.

So, come and talk today.

1. suit jacket


It should be one of the most classic items in the wardrobe. It can be leisure and formal, fashionable and retro. How much do I like a suit jacket? You won’t feel tired for four days a week.


I bought the suit first, because black is very versatile and it is not easy to wear wrong. Just wear a black bottoming shirt in a suit, and you can also “hide” your belly.

Generally, I won’t use it

Black trousers


Black suit

Yes, then I will feel that there is no new idea, I will choose one

White pants



Black and white

The method of wearing is very temperament, and it can make you stand out.


The same black suit, change a fashionable one

Grid trousers

Do you feel that the trend is coming, and you can use a suit to interpret different temperament without a strange feeling.

Buy in summer

Thin suit


You can still send it in handy, refreshing and breathable fabric, you can put on it for at least a month. If you feel that the black suit is still a bit early, you feel that this piece is arranged

Beige suit




It has a very magical place, I wear it alone

Floral skirt


At all, it is not like commuting, but as soon as this suit is matched, there will be a queen of the workplace.

T -shirts are too casual with shorts. This suit is put on the outside, and it feels like it will change immediately. As long as there is, the workplace commute wind becomes “catching”.

It has always been popular

Striped element



Small suit

After “sweet holding hands”, the stripes that are slightly casual into the original dignified suit have been incorporated, which weakens some stereotypes and more retro temperament.

If you want to wear a suit to wear long legs, you must have a pair of wide -leg trousers. Two requirements: First


Don’t be too fat



Don’t be too short

As long as you satisfy these two, you can understand the effect I wear!

Second, knitted cardigan

Classic retro

Knit cardigan

It is also one of the items often worn in autumn. While enjoying laziness and comfort, you can also feel the fashion and high -level sense of it brought to you.

The soft knitted cardigan with jeans is a combination of softness and rigid. They collide with a unique feeling, and the temperament has also improved to full score.


There is also an interesting point in this cardigan, which is its

V -type lapel


, Easily create a swan neck. Use the necklace to embellish it, it is even more feminine.

Only two buttons, the hem is open, quietly revealing the lower abdomen, and it can also optimize the proportion of the figure. The choice of bags is also very free, and the size is okay.

Girls with a sense of meat on the upper body are afraid of leaving the flesh. How about we change this red cardigan? The loose version and the effect of hiding meat is very good.

I set up a black

Splitted trousers


A little bit of waist, it will not be too exposed, and it is very thin ~ If there is no confidence, choose high waist trousers, and the effect is not bad.


3. denim jacket

denim jacket

, Is the three coats I recommend today

Age reduction


The single product, no matter how old, can easily control it.

There is a denim jacket, which is OK with pants and skirts in early autumn. You are handsome and sweet, and you are controlled by you. The loose version has no sense of restraint on the upper body.

And its designs of falling shoulder, very heroic, with a pair of black pants, it can easily wear a random feeling. The sharp lapel is suitable for all kinds of face shapes, and how to look at your face is small.


Students who like to highlight the sense of layering in wearing must be such a denim jacket. The effect of using a shirt and T -shirt is really praised.


Without a denim jacket, a denim shirt can be worn as a jacket. A small shirt is also very handsome.


Girls with thick legs recommend putting a pair of wide -leg pants to wear, thin and long legs, don’t forget, choose high waist models!


Okay, the three fashion circles are very hot



After the recommendation is over, do you still worry about what you don’t know what to wear?

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