University activities are very colorful. Not only do you exist in various associations, but also many activities, which can not only reflect collective cohesion, but also have different experiences for each student who entered college.

In November, many universities will also hold sports meetings, not only to stimulate students’ collective consciousness, but also the spirit of the spirit that allows them to pay attention to physical exercise and not fear of difficulties, and can be well reflected here.

With the holding of various university sports meetings, there are also many discordant voices and pictures.

Some time ago, a female student in a foreign language college wearing black silk shorts, in front of the track, the warm -up picture aroused the attention of the entire network.


Now there are factors that have discordant and pictures again.


A female student in Jiangxi wearing white stockings and black leather shoes is completing a third -level jump action.


The temperature of the day was a bit low. This girl put on a pink sweater. If it was not focused on the stadium, there was no problem with this dress. After all, the loose college campus did not have much limit.

However, in the sports field, the girl’s dress triggered the anger.

Many netizens also lamented: it was a little petition.

This kind of dressing is simply disrespecting the Games and disrespectful, just for the sake of bloggers. It is conceivable that the final result will naturally not be satisfactory. Of course, in the face of the result of being eliminated, this girl is also this girl. A sorry smile showed.

Presumably after seeing the dress of most athletes, this girl will definitely reflect on themselves to wear them properly.

Such a lot of netizens cannot recognize the girl’s dress and behavior, which is considered the following reasons.

[Reasons that make netizens unacceptable]

1. Dis respect of the sports meeting

This girl’s inappropriate behavior at the sports meeting had a questioning attitude because the occasion was wrong.

As we all know, the sports meeting is a competitive scene, and in many competition links, there are certain safety hazards. If you do not have the clothes, it may cause accidents.

Although this dress, there are usually no problems. At the sports meeting, it is not only disrespectful to the sports meeting, but also disrespect for other athletes.


Presumably this is so much. After seeing the girl’s dress, the athletes had a strong question and complaining sound.

2. It is not guaranteed to your own health

Many competitive sports, even at the university sports meeting, the pressure of competition and the tense atmosphere of the competition cannot be ignored.

Dressed in leather shoes jump three -level jump, it may occur if you accidentally cause sprains.

Not only will it affect your own security, but it will even have a certain adverse effect on the results and order of the game.

3. There is a move of “blogging eyeball”

The dress of this female college student always gives a sense of incompatibility in the sports court. Other students have a certain awe and attempt to the competition.

In any case, the girl’s performance in the sports meeting could not get rid of the suspicion of the blogger’s eyes.

[What are the problems of college students? .

1. Different from the occasion

Although the occasion of the university is relatively loose, whether it is dressing or class, as long as it does not touch the rules of the campus, most of them will not be restricted.

However, for college students, in order to form their basic aesthetics, and dressing and dressing must be clearly divided into occasions. Only in this way can we not discard the identity of college students, and at the same time, it can also play a certain alert role.


In university, it is not meaningful to be more dressed and beautiful and ugly. Only by focusing on the improvement of academics can we have stronger competitiveness in future employment and subsequent life.

2. There must be a correct attitude

For each college student, you must understand at the university stage: the responsibility and priority should be shouldered by yourself, only in this way, can you not make a wrong choice.

Only by exercising your own learning attitude can you make your 4 -year life more meaningful. This is also an important growth stage for each college student to miss.

【Author’s saying】

Lenin said: Poor farmers have special losses without culture, and they need to be educated in particular.

College students have been defined as the pride of heaven. However, with the depreciation of education, the competitiveness of college students in the market has gradually declined. There are also problems.

Regardless of whether it is in the university’s sports field or outside school, college students are repeatedly questioned whether they are dressing or in the style of acting.

To some extent, the alarm clock also sounds the alarm for college students. In addition to paying more attention to the appearance, the cultivation of the mind and talent is not missing. Otherwise, after entering the employment link in the future, the decline in competitiveness will be questioned Happening.

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